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Voddie Baucham joins Conservative Baptist Network Steering Counsel

In the past, Evangelical Dark Web has reported on the very large number of people on the Conservative Baptist Network Steering Counsel. The latest to join this counsel is Voddie Baucham. The latest move seems aimed at bringing more legitimacy to the last ditch effort to save the Southern Baptist Convention by theologically orthodox Baptists.

In addition to his roles as husband, father, church planter, professor, author, and speaker, Baucham serves currently as the dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia. He holds a doctor of ministry degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Houston Baptist University. Baucham has also spent time in post-graduate study at the University of Oxford in England. Released in 2021, one of Baucham’s most recent books, “Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe,” quickly gained attention in the evangelical community and became a national bestseller.

Rod Martin, former SBC Executive Committee officer and a founding Steering Council member, agreed and said the addition of Baucham to the Network’s group of advisors signals increasing credibility and trust among Southern Baptists looking for a resurgence in conservative theology and leadership within the denomination. 

“My friend, Voddie Baucham, has long been a warrior for truth and sound doctrine, in the SBC and across the world,” Martin said. “And this is a time for men like Voddie, who will speak the hard truths in love without fear, despite all opposition. The church today faces persecution from without and false gospels from within. This is the time to stand, for the faithfulness of our institutions, and for the faith itself, once and for all delivered to the saints.”


Voddie Baucham appears to be the latest name in what appears to be a very bloated counsel. Additionally, it’s hard to grasp how much he can do to help the Southern Baptist Convention from Zambia. The move helps the Conservative Baptist Network professionally more than it helps their cause on the ground.

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