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Project Veritas Exposes Branch Covidian Lies

In what has been the biggest story of the year, Project Veritas has leaked an internal military document that shows that the government knew that their COVID narrative was incorrect the entire time, yet has deliberately pushed forward with propping up Branch Covidianism anyway.

The leaked Project Veritas document can be read here.

Lie #1: The Creation Account

Originally, Branch Covidianism taught that the virus jumped from bat to human in a Wuhan wet market. This alibi has failed to surpass scrutiny, so the lab leak theory is probably the prevailing origin theory today even among this unique cult.

What most people did not know was what Ecohealth was doing when it created the virus. The view of Maj. Joe Murphy appears to be a “save the bats” initiative (so that their virus doesn’t jump to humans on its own.) The report then details how a bat vaccine program was humanized and aerosolized via gain of function research.

Lie #2: Pope Fauci, Collins