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Salem Media Defends Al Mohler

In the Polemics Report Podcast, Judd Saul explained how he was in talks to distribute his Enemies Within The Church documentary with Salem Media on their streaming service. Salem Media is one of the largest conservative and Christian broadcasting organizations in America. However, Judd Saul explains that the film’s targeting of Al Mohler killed talks with Salem Media.

Salem Media would then come out with their own version of Enemies Within The Church, titled, “How The Left Is Stealing Your Church” and charge $19.99 to rent. The film is made with longtime Evangelical broadcaster, D. James Kennedy. According to Judd Saul, the film makes no mention of Al Mohler or major Big Eva figures driving the Social Justice Gospel in the church. The trailer for the documentary consists of a compilation of woke preacher clips, interviews with Owen Strahan and Voddie Baucham, and clips of BLM riots.

It’s worth noting that Salem, despite claiming to be a Christian company consistently affirms transgenderism in its numerous publications. It’s also worth noting that Al Mohler and Salem Media have had a decades long relationship. And lastly, it should be noted that Salem Media has done very little reporting on the Social Justice Gospel as an issue.

H/T: Protestia & Enemies Within The Church

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