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Andrew Torba torches Trump, WaPo in latest newsletter

The founder of Gab, Andrew Torba was asked a series of questions by a reporter for the Washington Post about the struggle of pro-Trump social media personalities to gain traction on alternative social media sites, like Gab, Gettr, Rumble, and Telegram. Avoiding being misquoted and wanting to get his words out to a larger audience, Andrew Torba publishes his comments in his newsletter to Gab users. Gab writes:

Gab now has well over 50 candidates in the 2022 election using the platform along with multiple members of Congress and the biggest dissident voices on the internet all in one spot. We have medical doctors, nurses, and hundreds of thousands of people who do not support nor want to inject themselves with an experimental vaccine joining our platform. These people are from all different political backgrounds, beliefs, and creeds. 

The growth and engagement of one small subset of 47 commentators is irrelevant to Gab’s growth overall as a free speech platform for all people. If you want my personal opinion as to why pro-Trump commentators aren’t growing as fast on alt-tech platforms it’s really very simple. President Trump has turned into a vaccine salesman which is a total and complete disconnect with the overwhelming vast majority of his voting base. I say this as someone who voted for him twice.

His non-stop vaccine shilling has turned many of his supporters off completely. You can see this plainly in the comment section of the statements that are published to his reserved Gab account. As a Regime propaganda outlet I understand that you are trying to craft a narrative that alt-tech is shrinking and doomed because pro-Trump commentators are shrinking, but the numbers and reality show a much different situation here. 

People aren’t and never were coming to Gab for an online Trump rally.

Evangelical Dark Web substantiates the sentiments on Gab about Trump’s vaccine gospel. This newsletter was sent to millions of Gab users.

The jab, along with Trump’s insistence on being the hero of COVID, appear the biggest threat to Trump’s political future.

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