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Glenn Youngkin

Glenn Youngkin Delivers Early for the Grassroots

Despite being Mitt Romney on paper and a socially liberal, pro-CRT, consultant class candidate, the early innings of Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial administration have yielded the grassroots several early gains. Even though he is following the mandate his voters gave him, this is a shocking win for Conservatives, especially since Youngkin, two weeks after his victory, signaled that he would allow localized Covid tyranny. There were plenty of clouds hovering over what type of executive Glenn Youngkin would be as various camps within the republicans touted him and his victory for their egos. RINO’s like Larry Hogan praised Youngkin for distancing himself from Trump, while Senator Rick Scott proclaimed that the democrats focus on Youngkin being like Trump was reason for his victory. In reality, Virginia became a referendum on Critical Racist Theory and Loudoun County, thanks to the grassroots activism.

On January 15, 2022, Glenn Youngkin issued a slew of executive orders and directives upon taking office. The following Executive Orders deal primarily with pushing back on the abusive school systems: executive order number one tackles Critical Race Theory by name; number two comprehensively bans the statewide mask mandate in public schools; and number four deals with investigating Loudoun County. Orders that deal with crime include order number three, which terminates the leftist parole board, while the incoming AG Jason Miyares terminated the leftist Civil Rights division. Against Covidstan, Youngkin rescinded the states vaccine requirement, but while Executive Order 6 promises to keep Virginia “open for business,” it merely is a demand for a meeting to review policies. It may be a delayed rebuff against OSHA or a review of statewide Covid policies. Regardless, do not buy the hype until a substantive order comes forth.

On day one, he comes in wielding a pen and a phone—the way it should be on our side. It is only the top of the first inning in Glenn Youngkin’s administration, and while he opens up with a flash, the continuation of these early gains is up to the people of Virginia, who must hold him to the fire if they desire this otherwise woke squish to deliver on his promises.

If this can be done with Glenn Youngkin, how much more can the grassroots accomplish in other states, as the legislatures begin their sessions around this time. Texas was at one point a bastion of conservatism, but Texas Republicans, in a third special session, refused to pass Senate Bill 51, which would have banned employer vaccine mandates. In Tennessee, plenty of venues are enacting Vaccine Passports, but what are the legislatures and Bill Lee doing about it? Do these states serve businesses or people? How many states outsource males in female sports to bureaucratic committees? Too many.

Although their efforts are constantly challenged, only seven states have actually banned vaccine passports: Florida, Iowa, Texas, Alabama, Montana, Arkansas, and North Dakota. Thirteen states think banning vaccine passports at the state and local level is good enough. It is not. One should not have to present clot shot verification to attend a sporting event or concert. Republicans now have 27 governors. Twenty-three states have Republican trifectas. Yet somehow, half the states which have implemented these bans are governed by squishes and Karen’s.

If you are in one of these 23 states where there is a trifecta, ask yourself, are you involved? Have you encountered your state legislators or local school board? Are you willing to get involved with a local candidate, or become one, if there is a RINO where you live?

Behind the scenes here, we are working on campaigning for local office in Maryland, a deep blue state where the RINO governor is actively governing like a leftist. Already, we are discovering the limits at the local and the school board level, as members of the county school board can be overridden and even removed by the Marxists on the state board.

With the state legislatures just beginning, there is ample time to accomplish meaningful agenda items that can push back against the Marxist takeover of America without settling for half measures. As Benjamin Franklin said, “a republic, if you can keep it.” 

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  1. In OK we also have not banned employers from mandating the vax. The answer I always get is “We’re not going to tell businesses what to do…” Really?!? There are no rules or oversight of businesses at the State level? I don’t buy it. Besides, it’s not telling businesses what to do, it’s telling them what NOT to do. By allowing businesses to mandate vaxxing for their employees, they are undermining a person’s right to FREEDOM (they should choose whether they take the vax or not) and PRIVACY (it’s really no one’s business whether someone else is vaxxed).

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