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Rod Dreher’s Jab Didn’t Work and Neither Does Yours

Rod Dreher is not vaccinated against COVID-19. No one is. But he is triple jabbed. Yet when Omicron came around, he not only caught it but had a week long bout with it that he publicized on social media. During this process, however, Rod Dreher does appear to have been redpilled on coronavirus. A year ago, Rod Dreher, the author of Live Not By Lies and The Benedict Option has been living by lies when it comes to Branch Covidianism.

In the beginning, Rod Dreher, an Eastern Orthodox, was celebrating the opportunity provided by lockdowns.

I see Covidtide as a dry run for a future time of living under persecution, when Christians aren’t allowed to meet for worship. The strategies we develop now, including the internal strategies of bearing with deprivation without falling apart, are going to be very important in the decades to come. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to go to court to push for the right to open up again. But I am saying that if that’s the only response you, as a Christian, have to this long coronavirus Lent, then you are missing a very important opportunity for necessary spiritual growth.

He also employed shame tactics against people who were against masking:

Note well, though, that the mask truthers aren’t refusing to wear masks because they don’t believe they help. That might or might not be true, but it’s a defensible position. They’re refusing to wear masks because they see them as a symbol of social control. This is not the kind of conservatism I signed up for.

Now he’s questioning the cult narrative himself after not being saved from three doses of what he believed was a vaccine.

Dreher stops short of saying that the jabs did not work. Despite not having the self-awareness to publish Live Not By Lies while advocating Branch Covidianism, he does now appear to be self-aware, in that, he is not thanking Pfizer that he did not have a more severe case.

Quite the opposite would be true. Rod Dreher had a week long bout which is a more severe case than most people had. This is a clear instance of “vaccine” failure.

Will Rod Dreher live not by lies or will he fight today’s battle hard without the self-awareness for how poorly he fought yesterday’s battles against the same enemy? But even in today’s fight, Rod Dreher has lost all credibility due to his prior unsound judgement.

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4 Responses

  1. Shocking. I bought “Live not by lies” and the title alone encouraged me to speak out and be bold. I had no idea that Dreher was speaking out of two sides of his mouth. I do hope that he now, “see’s the Light”.

  2. I don’t know that Dreher IS redpilled. I’ll believe it when I see action. Seeing that vaxx passports could be about control and not health is not seeing that this is all much more than the “soft totalitarianism” he peddles.
    He strikes me as an opportunist. None of these elite are willing to come out, apologize for their promotion of the vaxx and faulty science and lack of critical thinking and tyranny, and then actively work against the falsehoods.

    1. I agree. There is definitely an unprincipled motive for the softening of rhetoric, as he was quite nasty towards the knees that did not bend to the state.

      1. As an Eastern Orthodox Christian who converted late in life after fleeing cradle evangelicalism, and a based traditionalist, I’m no fan of (and I think many others in my camp may well agree) Rob Dreher’s writings and opinions. The apparent bromance between Rob Dreher and Russell Moore is enough to disqualify what he puts out IMO, let alone a journey from the UMC to atheism to the RCC and finally to the EOC leaves some nagging doubts in my mind. Fr Josiah Trenham, Fr Peter Heers, and Fr Spyridon Bailey are examples of much better representatives of my ancient church and faith.

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