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Anti White: Why The Southern Baptist Convention Calls Whites Anglo

The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has been exposed on several occasions for plating woke and or egalitarian churches. It’s leader, Kevin Ezell is the most powerful man in the Southern Baptist Convention and arguably the most powerful figure in Big Eva because the resources he commands alone. The head of the Send Network which is the church planting  organization of NAMB was Dhati Lewis, a notoriously woke preacher. It was likely under his tenure that that NAMB started referring to White churches as “Anglo” instead of White. On the NAMB website both existing churches and church plants of the SBC list the church’s ethnicity. While not all the churches do, the ones that would otherwise say White instead say Anglo. This is in contrast to Korean or African-American.


There are two reasons why this is significant. The first is that Anglo is a deliberately incorrect pan-ethnic term to describe White people. Anglo specifically refers to those of Anglo-Saxon decent which referred to specific Germanic tribes that settled on the British Isle. In European history, Anglo refers to England and is use as a descriptor for a war they are involved in. For instance, the War of 1812, as Americans call it, may be referred to as the Anglo-American War of 1812 in other countries.

Russians, Swedes, Scotts, Irish, Italians, and the rest of Europe are not Anglos because they are distinct ethnicities. Therefore, Anglo, a word used to describe a specific ethnic group cannot be used properly as a pan-ethnic word.

More importantly, the reason why the Southern Baptist Convention uses the term “Anglo” to refer to White people is because they have adopted Critical Race Theory. Just as Critical Race Theroy redefined racism to mean a system, they also redefine “white” to refer to the oppressor class of people. Therefore whiteness is oppressive. That is why we’ve seen training seminars on how to be “less White.”

Social Justice advocates have increasingly used Anglo as a pan-ethnic term for White people. Eric Mason famously dropped the word “Angloid” in the same spirit years ago. So when the Southern Baptist Convention did the same, the context surrounding an organization helmed by Kevin Ezell leaves little room for reasonable doubt that this was done for any other reason that rampant wokeness.

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