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Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson Tries To Pretend He Isn’t A Branch Covidian

To those unfamiliar with politics, Erick Erickson is a political commentator with an overlap and foot in the world of Big Eva. Another way to put it is that he is a less potent, slightly more conservative version of David French. So in addition to siming for Beth Moore, he has also been a vicious Branch Covidian from the beginning.

But in similar fashion to Rod Dreher, Erick Erickson is trying to be a thought leader on COVID after being wrong for two years, and even his latest leadership is lacking.

Amazing how Erick Erickson is basically peddling a herd immunity approach with minimal government intervention nearly two years too late. No lessons are really learned given the earlier tweets in the thread.

We’re seeing a lot of this behavior on the right wing paired with zero self-awareness for the lies peddled in the past. Erick Erickson has failed to branch out beyond local radio on his various writing and podcasting ventures, mainly because he has bitten into every false narrative while claiming to stand for the truth.

Men like Erick Erickson who claim Christ but exalt false teachers and pursue other gods deserve the discredit they receive.

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