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JD Greear COVID Nazi

JD Greear laments Christians leaving his woke church

At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, JD Greear gave a chapel sermon bashing his church to an audience of future pastors. The sermon raises the question as to how much Summit Church is hemorrhaging members as a result of JD Greear’s regular wokeness and Branch Covidianism.

It’s worth mentioning that JD Greear has a church location enforcing a vaccine passport system. During this sermon, Greear laments people who have left his church over what he feels are tertiary issues like the death of St. George Floyd and Greear’s mask mandates in church.

Greear downplays his promotion of the inherently political motto, “black lives matter” and his own disobedience to Scripture in 2020 and beyond. He acts as though he is the victim of cancel culture in a moment reminiscent to his words in March 2021. JD Greear also accuses his critics of watching Fox News. This is a classic leftist trope to denigrate the right’s ability to critically think for themselves. So while JD Greear pretends to be in the middle, his consistent use of leftist straw men exposes which side he has always been on.

This story is good news, in that, JD Greear is facing some sort of decline at Summit Church for his wokeness and Branch Covidianism, two things killing many bad churches. Moreover, it shows that JD Greear is being exposed for all to see thanks to the efforts of discernment ministries who pointed him out for his own congregants to see.

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2 Responses

  1. I am one who left Summit after 13 years. The problem for JD is that Jesus was just not enough for him so he chases other gods. But he could repent.

  2. What people miss about Black Lives Matter is that it isn’t about race at all. That is a front. What BLM really is about is The Occult! Black as in “black magic,” witches, and warlocks – Druidism, which is the force at the top of the power pyramid. See John Todd for more about Druidism and the power triangle of power.

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