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Erick Erickson

Reject Neoconservatism! Let Ukraine Fall To Russia.

Neoconservative are sounding the drums of war so that others may die for a corrupt country that is not even our ally. This height of incompetency in foreign policy would only be exceeded if America sought regime change in Russia.

I take the time to examine Erick Erickson’s support for Ukrainian intervention, after pointing out his recent grifting.

Early on some major fallacies emerge. Erick Erickson equates a Russian invasion of Ukraine with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. However, these are apples and oranges. Whereas 15% of Americans support boots on the ground for Ukraine, Americans are far more amiable to sending military assets to Taiwan’s rescue. The neocon does not acknowledge that which most Americans do: Taiwan is a friend and Ukraine is not. I would be so bold to say that the country that funded rampant Democrat corruption is more of an enemy. 

Erickson makes a grandiose case about Russian’s foreign policy philosophy of having a sphere of influence. This has me wondering why America does not and just installs failed democracies everywhere. After all, we have a socialist country on our own northern border. We have no buffer from the ideological foreign influences that are killing our own country.

Neoconservatives will make the case that defending Ukraine, which is an EU puppet state, is defending western civilization. But why should American bodies and resources go towards defending the lascivious culture of western Europe? Will Europe be less free if Russia takes them over. Multiple countries have vaccine passports, no country there has free speech, or a Second Amendment. Secular democracy is not worth dying for. Freedom is. Defending Ukraine defends the European Union which is the epicenter of the embrace of the Great Reset agenda.

However a destabilized Europe will counteract the Great Reset and its European players.

The Russians are not our enemies. The Ukrainians are not our allies. Our greatest threats are within the fascists within the country, of which they have used Europe as a proving ground for destroying our culture for decades.

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2 Responses

  1. How much of your day to day life depends on Ukraine? Multiple things that you rely on, from your car to your phone, even your oven or toaster, depend on Taiwan. Over half the world’s computer chips depend on their foundry for production. Think the supply chain is tight now, wait until China controls the majority of anything electronic. I’m not sure if we should get in a war with China over Taiwan, but to imply the defense of the Ukraine is important to you and requires the deaths of our young men and women is laughable. We should have our eyes on Taiwan. Our military depends on processors/semiconductors as well, so they would encounter extreme difficulty in replacing and repairing equipment if China were to control Taiwan (and if they cut us off from south Korea where the next chunk comes from, China could just run out the clock on us). Also, Europeans would freeze if Russia (or us with sanctions) cut off gas supplies. In Europe’s quest to go green they restrict domestic energy production and just have Russia frack and pay a higher price to import it. There’s just so much that could go wrong over little, if any, to gain over defending Ukraine. But it is a huge source of our politicians’ ill-gotten gains, so maybe there’s some blackmail involved.

  2. Biden is simply trying to honor the will of the Papacy. John Paul II influenced Reagan regarding Communism; of course, the Papacy’s objective is to rid oppressive Communism that oppresses Catholicism. The Papacy wants “its” socialistic communism so it can continue its Inquisition. Putin also shows favor to the Orthodox Chruch in Russia which has not totally given in to Papal compromise. Of course, as you stated in the article, there is more on the table here than just the Pope and Biden.

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