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Beth Moore still butthurt over MacArthur’s “Go home” comment

The butthurt is still strong in Beth Moore years after John MacArthur’s famous “go home” one liner. The pithy answer to a word association game upset the feminists in the church Beth Moore was then defended by most major players in Big Eva.

Since the event, Beth Moore has since left the SBC and come out as an egalitarian to the shock of no one. But behind the scenes, her ministry was in the red. Yesterday on Twitter, Beth Moore wen on a rant about her butthurt over John MacArthur and Phil Johnson not apologizing to her.


The rant expresses a firm belief that the “go home” comment was a sin and that Moore was entitled to an apology. She’s butthurt not only that the comments were made in such a public forum but that MacArthur and company felt no need to contact her about them.

Public error need not be addressed privately. Beth Moore is a false teacher, and thus should not be considered a sister in Christ. Therefore there is no need to proceed as though she is. We are free to smear her reputation and cyber-stalk, as neither of those are sins.

False teachers hate exposure, and Beth Moore is certainly one of the most vocal about hating exposure.

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  1. It doesn’t come as a shock, as it shouldn’t, that she’s still butthurt over the incident and still wants an apology. But what really sticks out for me from her comments is the use of the word “misinformation”. As if John McArthur’s statement about her fits that description. It just gives more validation to the Word of God that that his truth will be vilified and persecuted on a global level to be labeled as “misinformation” and punished as such by those in authority. I suspect this will happen sooner than later.

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