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Tim Keller

Tim Keller Promotes Stephen Colbert’s False Gospel

Tim Keller took to Twitter to affirm the faith and Christian witness of Stephen Colbert. To call Stephen Colbert a comedian would imply that he is funny. He’s not. Stephen Colbert is a televangelist for the Branch Covidian Cult. He is bought by Pfizer and hold no Christian convictions in his political beliefs. Yet Tim Keller point touts him as a positive example of Christian witness.

Tim Keller would then affirm that the gospel was presented in Colbert’s answer. It wasn’t. Nothing even close to the gospel was presented in Colbert’s reply. The only mention of Jesus was Colbert hoping that Jesus would let funny people into Heaven, in which case Colbert is still without salvation. Tim Keller then went on a seven tweet rant about how the gospel was there via “contextualization.” It still wasn’t.

Tim Keller affirms the faith and witness of a pagan televangelist is the latest evidence of Tim Keller is not who many people thought he was.

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