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Movements cannot be built on Big Tech

The Canadian Freedom Convoy is the most impactful protest against coronafascism since the Australian people rose up. The collapse of the Canadian supply chain has inflicted pain on the Canadian government and its city dwellers. Justin Trudeau has looked weak in response. However the Freedom Convoy made amateur mistakes in creating the infrastructure of their movement.

After raising $9 million, the silicon valley based GoFundMe seized the funds raised to support the Canadian truckers, at the behest of the Canadian government. Initially GoFundMe attempted to steal the money to give to other causes, but the public backlash and threat of fraud charges deterred the company from stealing from the donors. Additionally, Facebook had shut down their account.

The use of GoFundMe was an unforced error. GoFundMe has already garnered a reputation for politically motivated censorship of grassroots campaigns. There was ample reason to suspect treachery here as well. Being in a highly secular culture, Canadians are likely less familiar with alternatives to GoFundMe like Give Send Go. Give Send Go is a faith based alternative to GoFundMe originally developed to support missions causes. They do not censor campaigns on their platform. Choosing to use GoFundMe over this existing platform was a huge mistake that the truckers learned the hard way.

Additionally, while the Facebook censorship did not kill the movement, it is not inadvisable to create a Facebook page. However, an effective campaign against Branch Covidianism will face censorship. So the purpose of such a page should be to migrate supporters to a different platform where communication can exist more freely.

I write this not to denigrate the Canadian truckers but as a teachable moment. The Canadian truckers are well on their way to restructuring the tech infrastructure of their movement while fighting for actual freedom on the streets and with their horns.

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  1. I’m the small town I grew up in, a well know local tree-trimmer lost all his equipment in a fire uninsured. The town rallied for him and set up a gofundme. Well, people started to ask how they could give him money directly and it spread. It was a lower middle class town that’s gone woke (99.9% white mind you) and now is more middle class, so there’s still a strong non-woke contingent. My mom thinks they’re doing a givesendgo now. Its also close to Canada so there’s that. As this resistance gains steam, see the explosion for support of the US convoy, it worries me what they’ll do to quell it. A war would solve it and the looming economic collapse/inflation. Wag the dog.

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