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God Smote Thy Branch Covidian, Heather McDonald

It’s not often we see a providential act of God after someone misuses the name of Jesus, but Heather McDonald would be a rare and impactful example of someone being brought down after committing such hubris. Heather McDonald during a comedy show bragged about how jabbed she was on stage and then said, “Jesus loves her the most” before promptly hitting the ground.

Having fainted, she wound up with a fractured skull. The crowd seemed to have thought the ironic twist of events was part of the act before realizing McDonald had not done so on purpose.

This story is an example of the power in Christ’s name! Perhaps Heather McDonald will repent from this experience. But the awesome display of providential humor sends a message about the lack of safety for the COVID jabs, which are neither safe nor effect.

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