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Jory Micah

DarkLinks 45: Jory Micah Arrested!

In this edition of DarkLinks, I wanted to comment on the story of Jory Micah being arrested. Jory Micah recently got divorced citing purity culture and now goes by Jory Peterson. Jory is a famous online theological liberal and false teacher. Recently she got arrested, and since Evangelical Dark Web was late to the story, we opted not to cover it until now in a DarkLinks. Additionally we will cover the NAMB vs McRaney trail as well.

Jory Micah Arrested for DWI, Resisting Arrest

By Protestia

Jory Micah continues prancing into apostasy without a care in the world, giving the world a living, breathing emblem of what it means to be wholly without the mind of Christ, despite her self-touted Master of Arts in Christian Doctrine and History. This time, she’s on our radar for getting arrested for driving under the influence (more serious than a DUI) and resisting arrest, which may have involved swinging at or spitting on police, whom she despises.

[You will want to see the Jory’s tweets about her arrest]


By Capstone Report

Also, because NAMB has so far stalled discovery, the judge was forced to reschedule the trial date. According to the court, the trial is slated to start in April 2023. This date allows McRaney’s attorneys to gather evidence in discovery and prepare their case.

[Capstone Report suggests that NAMB will seek to settle out of court to avoid discovery.]

EXCLUSIVE: Fresh Life Church and Levi Lusko: An Insider’s View and Expose

By Brenda Roskos @ Montana Daily Gazette

Lusko also bought into the BLM deception and at one time had a Black Lives Matter fist displayed on his Instagram account. His family wore face masks in public, even his children. In other words, he bought into the whole agenda. Not good. And then Lusko did the unthinkable. In Kalispell Mt on in Depot Park, just off Main Street, he bowed down at a local BLM event paying homage to the leftists. One close Montana Daily Gazette supporter saw Lusko bowed down. He commented, “Reprobates were carrying BLM support signs, anti-police signs, there was LGBTQ confusion, anti-Trump, and other unintelligible causes that day.”

[Learn more about Levi Lusko here]

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