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SBC Leaders Launch NAMB Whistleblower Reporting Site

A new reporting website has launched with the objective of gathering collaborating reports that expose any documentable abuses affiliated with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. The NAMB whistleblower website ( will gather new reports to support and further substantiate existing whistleblower reports. In recent years, there have been numerous reports made public which have revealed abuses of power and people, misuse of financial gifts, failures to abide by SBC bylaws, in addition to other corrupt behavior.

Evangelical Dark Web has previously reported on the properties purchased by NAMB to support directly or indirectly the ministries of JD Greear, James MacDonald, among others. Additionally, Kevin Ezell the head of NAMB has ascended to the most powerful man in the SBC after backing Ed Litton over Al Mohler. Ezell has long used the resources of NAMB to consolidate power over state level conventions such as the Northwest and as argued by the plaintiffs of the Will McRaney lawsuit.

Individuals may submit reports through email, a web form, a voice message, or postal mail to NAMB Whistleblower. All sources will remain confidential. If it becomes necessary to attribute a report to a specific submitter, written permission will be acquired in advance.

SBC leaders underwriting the NAMB Whistleblower reporting site represent past and present Southern Baptist leaders serving local churches, associations, and state conventions. This group of concerned leaders have witnessed the unacceptable behavior by NAMB representatives and are confident that members of SBC churches want to see the highest standards for conduct and practice from their domestic mission board. NAMB leadership and trustees must be held to the highest standards and practices to operate righteously in the light before God and mission givers.

To be good stewards of the mission gifts of Southern Baptist member churches any unrighteous actions must be exposed. With transparency, Southern Baptists can see NAMB restored to operate righteously.

Individuals aware of any issues related to NAMB or its staff should submit their report at The NAMB Whistleblower group encourages sharing this information to email contacts, on social media, and personally with leaders in churches, associations and state conventions.

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