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Christianity Today’s Black History Month Panel Promotes False Gospel

Christianity Today’s current cover story is of their Black History Month panel discussion featuring woke speakers. While there were many areas of divulgence from the truth in the full discussion, most were run of the mill woke preacher nonsense. However, I did want to highlight and expose an instance where panelist, Noel G. L. Hutchinson Jr. attempts to connect Social Justice to the gospel and gets the gospel wrong. This not only enhances our understanding of Social Justice Gospel proponents and their worldviews but also of the gospel itself.

Hutchinson addresses those who denounce Social Justice as being anti-gospel by explaining that the “love God, love your neighbor” is the relationship “cross.” This monumentally fails to understand both the gospel and the law. This would be the second time, I’ve discussed Christianity Today conflating the law with the gospel, which is a false gospel. The law and the gospel are separate categories, but not one and the same. Moreover, loving your neighbor as yourself is specifically tied to not holding grudges against your neighbor. Social Justice is about using injustice to compensate for perceived disparities in class relationships. This, is antithetical to the law, as well as the gospel.

Noel G. L. Hutchinson Jr. is the mission director for the Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC). The denomination been around for promoting Social Justice for its entire existence.

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