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David Platt

DarkLinks 46: David Platt Takes Another L

In this edition of DarkLinks I bring about some of what was covered by other outlets, so as to not Ed Litton their reporting. In this edition, David Platt suffers another L in his ongoing court case. Last summer, David Platt made moves to consolidate his power in his declining church. These violations of the bylaws led to McLean Bible Church being sued by its own members for corrupt voting practices. Here is the latest update on this story.

David Platt loses again in Virginia court

By Capstone Report

Lawsuit against McLean Bible Church over breach of its constitution advances. Second straight loss for David Platt and his shrinking MBC.

MBC member: ‘Illegally denying church members their right to vote, in an attempt to rig an election, is a clear breach of the church constitution.’

Lawyer Rick Boyer: ‘The Elders at MBC have repeatedly violated the church constitution, destroyed MBC members’ rights to a free and fair secret ballot, and illegally denied voting rights to members in good standing, when they couldn’t win a fair secret ballot.’

Friday afternoon a Virginia court ruled against McLean Bible Church its leadership including David Platt in a lawsuit filed against the church for allegedly denying church members voting rights.


Parents Willingly Hand Children to Sex Perverts at “Church” for Drag Queen Dance Party

By Reformation Charlotte

Below, we have another “church” that’s faithfully preaching the gospel on Sunday morning.

Again, just kidding. They are not. Instead, they are holding a dance party as parents hand their children over to perverted men dressed in women’s garb to sing and dance about blaspheming Christ and being happy about it. Supposedly, this was a fundraiser for the notorious Drag Queen Story Hour which this church, Park Slope United Methodist Church in Brooklyn, New York, held recently.

The video used by Reformation Charlotte is from an anti-Christian YouTube channel that seems to take great offense at the church promoting zionism and degeneracy in our culture (see above). Keep this in mind when Big Eva says we must be winsome and appeal to Democrats. There are people who see Christianity leading to the decline of western civilization because of its unwillingness to stand against degeneracy and tyranny.

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  1. How to get your head around this! Look at their faces, I have a hard time believing they’re saved because I don’t know how you could have the spirit in you and be having a good time praising perverts. And yes, drag queens are pervs, don’t fall for their bs. Of course they try to hide the fact they want to do unspeakable things to your kids. The very kids parading behind them at that church! This is unreal, definitely not Kingdom behavior. Say some prayers for those kids, the adults too (it would be better for him….).

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