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Are Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism the same thing?

Christians have many false popular beliefs when it comes to modern day Judaism which largely stem from schools of theology like Dispensationalism. The Christian Post published an article by Hannah Johnson decrying antisemitism as a major issue in America and calling for Christians to step up. But is this really the case? It’s no small coincidence that the organization decrying the anti-Semitism the most in the United States and arguably the world is the Anti Defamation League. this organization is composed of Marxist and is just as bad or worse that Black Lives Matter.

Today anti-Semitism has two faces: the hatred and prejudice of the Jewish people and the hatred of Israel.  The modern state of Israel is the only Jewish state in the world and is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people. Israel is integral to the faith and heritage of the Jewish people.

The notion that anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are one goes freely into the same logic that in order to not be racist you must be anti-racist. The issue of Zionism, the belief that Jews are entitled to the existence of a Jewish state in Israel, is not one that Christianity prescribes a solution.

Most Jews are functionally atheists which begs a question as to why this pagan group is treated differently that others. The current Prime Minister of Israel is the first religiously observant Jew in the country’s history. But even religiously observant Jews may not have any real belief in the Old Testament, such as when Ben Shapiro denied Old Testament miracles on Joe Rogan’s podcast. So many Christians see a common belief system that does not exist. Indeed Judaism in Christ’s day and modern Judaism are two completely different religions.

The Jews were the people by which God brought the moral order into the world. Since the earliest of times, the Jewish people have contributed so much to humanity, yet they still stand alone. While they have had many a fair-weather friend, Jews need true friends to stand with them. Friends who are physically present in both the trials and triumphs.

As a Christian, I recognize that the roots of my faith are part of the legacy of the Jewish people. I was raised to love thy neighbor and so I stand as a friend of the Jewish people. Showing up takes courage. In the 1930s showing up for what was right and standing with the Jewish people often meant suffering the same fate. Though the cost isn’t the same as in the past, there is a cost. Despite that cost, I stand because it is the just and right thing to do.

God only has one chosen people, the elect. Moreover, Johnson places way too much emphasis on Jews in their history and not God. This argument is ultimately used to shield Israel from criticism without addressing the most salient reasons why people are anti-Semitic. Instead Johnson focuses mostly on Palestine and Nazism. From my own observation, most anti-Semitism is related to the fact that many of those who advocate degeneracy in western civilization are Jewish (and they do not see a coincidence.) Truth be told, there likely is not a coincidence as Jewish heritage leads to functional atheism which leads to the widespread and systemic promotion of degeneracy by people like the Frankfurt School.

Anti-Semites fail to realize that the source of that which they say they oppose is rooted in the rejection of God which they also share. By Zionist simps fail to realize that modern day Judaism is just another form of paganism and deserves no special treatment from other false religions.

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