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Russell Moore’s Butthurt Intensifies

It’s been a rough 2022 for Russell Moore. After being fully jabbed, this hobbit caught COVID a second time. Additionally, the disdain for Francis Collins, his homeboy, has become mainstream in Evangelicalism. (Note: Francis Collins won Church Villain of the year over Russell Moore) This has diminished the credibility of leaders who touted a mass murderer as a good Christian in science. Now Russell Moore is talking with New York Times columnist, David Brooks, on his podcast decrying the state of Evangelicalism, from a certain point of view. This is most visible when he laments a church’s growth for having rejected Branch Covidianism.

Russell Moore posits that crazy is a selling point of Christians, citing a based church in rural Michigan that tripled in size because it publicly opposed mandates and lockdowns. Russell Moore notes that this church took Christians from other churches primarily as a vehicle for growth, because those Christians saw their “crazy” as conviction.

But to the unbeliever, biblical ecclesiology is crazy. Opposing the government narrative is wrong, and believers should stay in churches sinning via lockdowns and mandates.

What is increasingly clear about effeminate men like Russell Moore is that they cannot stand Christians growing wise to their misdeeds. His influence is being undermined and he can’t stand it.

So they accuse believers of making politics an idol. In reality, more believers are applying their faith in their politics, and Big Eva cannot abide in that. When believers apply their faith to politics, they distrust effeminate men like Russell Moore, Erick Erickson, and David French.

One of the signs of a wolf is the inability to withstand critics. We see that with Beth Moore and JD Greear. These people get butthurt when believers call them out. So act accordingly.

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  1. Covid has been a great revealer of character, and shown us who values their membership in the world over their membership in the Kingdom.

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