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Conservative Baptist Network Goes Full Boomer

A rather insignificant online seminar drew the ire of the Conservative Baptist Network. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission hosted a racial reconciliation conversation on February 23rd featuring SBC president, Ed Litton Fred Luter of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, Missie Branch of SBTS, Jon Kelly of Chicago West Bible Church, and Brent Leatherwood of the ERLC. The Conservative Baptist Network put out a press release decrying what they perceive as a conspicuous absence from the discussion.

Missing is Lee Brand, Jr., the only African American elected as an officer of the Convention by Southern Baptist messengers in 2021. Brand confirmed that he was not extended an invitation to participate in the Feb. 23 panel or included in any substantive leadership of the Convention thus far.

Southern Baptists are asking how they can take seriously claims that current SBC leadership genuinely seeks racial unity when they decline to include in “racial unity” discussions the current first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The problems with picking this fight are numerous. First, this is an insignificant event being held online, as opposed to an in person conference hosted by the ERLC. Second the statement presupposes that Lee Brand is entitled to speak at the event.


This is a poor attempt at owning the theological libs that comes at the expense of the Conservative Baptist Network largely passing up on other fights, such as Ed Litton rewarding his biggest simp who defended his serial plagiarizing of sermons. Most people do not care for insignificant zoom calls. But the appointing of Bart Barber reeks of rewarding distasteful loyalty.

Using Lee Brand as a means of pulling the racebait the theological liberals will not sway the people who seldom pay attention to SBC internal affairs. It also comes across as desperate as this press release did. There are many real issues going on in the Southern Baptist Convention. The Conservative Baptist Network need not fabricate one.

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