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Ukraine Great Reset NPCs

Big Eva Hypocrisy: Ukraine vs Lockdowns

Just as Volodymyr Zelensky is a puppet for the Great Reset, so is Big Eva. In the last two weeks we have seen Big Eva publish content about perseverance that completely contradicts their tone for the last two years. During the lockdowns of 2020, Big Eva preached compliance. They peddled the narrative that church isn’t essential and that Christians should forego the gathering of the saints. Yet with Ukraine, despite the greater amount of danger, Big Eva is publishing glowing accounts of perseverance.

It’ is not my intention to belittle the believers living in Ukraine. Big Eva is using their plight to serve a far more sinister agenda. The Scripture on gathering and Christ being head of the church is not different in pandemic than it is in war.

Big Eva knows this. Thus in 2021, they were trying to cash in on the issue of church gathering and what God has to say about it. However, in both instances, Big Eva is choosing to serve the Great Reset agenda and not God.

Despite how little accurate information there is on what’s going on in Ukraine, the propaganda and narratives were exceedingly well prepared. There’s a reason for this. For COVID, Big Eva served as the mouthpiece of the narrative going along with puppet masters like Francis Collins. With Ukraine, the faces may be different (the the World Economic Forum is a common denominator) but the playbook is the same.

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  1. I stumbled upon your website and really appreciate your no nonsense biblical approach. Your insight is definitely not what is being preached from many pulpits. The Church in America are like the proverbial frogs in the pot of hot water who don’t seem to realize that they’re being cooked. If you attend a church aligned with SBC you don’t even realize that you’re slowly being fed a diet that is very unbiblical as everyone around you seems to be in agreement with staying safe, neutrality or even pro vaccination, obey the government because God put them there, etc.
    we left such a church early on in 2020. We didn’t understand why our pastor wasn’t seeing the danger in encouraging his congregation to stay home and stay safe. Your videos help me see that what I’m questioning about what I see is really something to question and that there are others out there who not only question, but call it out. I’ll be interested to go watch what you have to say about the Ukrainian leader who’s name I won’t even try to spell here. There’s so few places today to go to hear truth.

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