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Ed Litton

Ed Litton Not Seeking Second Term! Willy Rice Announces Candidacy.

A major shift in the Southern Baptist Convention is underway. Ed Litton announced he is not running for re-election as president of the SBC. In a brief address, Ed Litton introduced a new racial reconciliation program that will assist local churches in being woke. Additionally, Ed Litton announced he would not seek a second term. In making this announcement, Litton directly referenced sermongate, saying that it was a distraction to his mission and the unity of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Kevin Ezell already has his next candidate lined up: Willy Rice. Willy Rice gave the sermon at the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021. Additionally, Evangelical Dark Web exposed that his church, Calvary Church in Clearwater, Florida, is a client of Docent Research Group. Willy Rice is the next James Merritt, a political thug that will yield the bully pulpit to make the Southern Baptist Convention more woke, as he did in his sermon.

The timing of Litton announcing an open seat and Rice announcing his nomination are connected, as the establishment moves to deter the Conservative Baptist Network. The CBN has not yet nominated a candidate, but they have been calling on Litton’s resignation.

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