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Multiple Sieges Begin In Ukraine

In the last report on the war in Ukraine, the invasion’s three prongs were pointed out and the airborne tactics of the Russian Army detailed. Since then, the Russians have probed the defenses of Kiev but have not attempted a serious siege. On the Crimea front, the Russians had a major breakthrough heading both east and west. In the northeast, sieges have commences on major cities.


The capital of Ukraine has not fallen nor come close. And while Ukraine is touting old pictures of Zelensky on the front lines, it seems as though the Russians are content to use artillery on Kiev in the meantime. Belarus is going to be sending their forces to assist Russia.


Across the Dnieper River, the Russians appear to have secured the port city of Kherson along the Dnieper River and have deployed airborne units in Mykolaiv, beginning a push to capture the city.

From the forces that split east from Crimea, the Russians have reached the outskirts of Mariupol. Additionally, their allies in the Donetsk are pressing towards the city.


The Russians have laid siege to Kenotop, Sumy, and Kharkiv. The Russians have increased the intensity of the shelling to force a surrender in the besieged cities.

All sources stem from real time primary source aggregator, LiveUAMap.

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  1. Just don’t make any comments about Putin warning in 2007 for NATO to stop advancing on Russia. Good grief you’ll get attacked as pro-Russia! It’s really bizarre how the left has become Neocons. No discussion, let alone debates about the causes of conflict. Maybe if we told putin we’d have nato pull back? Maybe save some innocent lives? No way. Beat the war drums!

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