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Ukraine Great Reset NPCs

Russians Are The New Unvaccinated

The media narrative has reset from COVID and the same playbook is repeating itself. Understandably, Democrats need to pivot so as to mitigate the upcoming elections. But Republicans are swallowing the same narrative, as though they have learned nothing from the past lifetime about the reliability of government and the(ir) media. The Mass Formation Psychoses is happening again and this time the triple jabbed are now wearing Ukrainian flags.

In a shameless display, Americans are pouring out Russian vodka, renaming popular cocktails, and adopting a Ukraine First foreign policy. Congressman Eric Swalwell, in between dating Chinese spies, called for the deportation of Russian students. Senator Lindsay Graham called for a Brutus moment. The irony by politicians who care more about Russian operatives disappearing than they do Jeffrey Epstein being killed in a jail cell is the epitome of projection.

Additionally our Big Tech oligarchs engaged to punish the Russian people by denying them payment processing and tech services. This of course is a trial run for when they ramp up their efforts on us.

We project on Russia the same evils we ignore here. We claim the moral high ground on invading nations when their likely has not been a more justified war in the last 30 years.

One of Putins war goals is to “de-nazify” Ukraine. This is not in reference to antisemitism. This is in reference to anti-Russian sentiments in Ukraine. For instance, Ukraine has a language law that requires Ukrainian content or else pay a fine. This is anti-free speech. Additionally, the context of this law is one of a cultural genocide of ethnic Russians and Russian speaking Ukrainians. Context matters, and when Big Tech tries to punish the Russian people, this only proves Putin’s case that the globalists are against the Russian people.

Ultimately, that is what this war has always been about. Russia is at war with the globalist cabal that runs Ukraine. These same globalist are actively trying to destroy America, yet we side with them. There used to be a time when America did not side with the greater of two evils in a global conflict. Unfortunately, majority of Americans find themselves supporting a George Soros puppet state. More devastatingly, Americans have not grown wise or discerning from the last two years of the Great Reset and its agenda.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for having the guts to give us a different take than the mainstream of just about every other “side”. Your going to get major grief just watch. You don’t have to pick sides between two evils. And not picking sides does not mean you support one of those evils! Debating today has become so childish. Oh I forgot, logic and reason is white supremacy, part of the heteronormative white male patriarchy.

  2. Not all of have bought into the lies. Though I do not know the intricacies of the actions in Ukrainian I do know these facts: The press lies, there is a concerted effort to stifle dialog, and George Soros supports the Ukrainian position. Ergo the globalist wants this action and Putin defeated. WHY? What a sorry state we are in. All my life I understood the USSR was the bad guy to be defeated, and the US was in a struggle for world freedom. Now I pray for Putin and Russia to succeed in preventing the Globalist and the US from enslaving us. Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

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