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February 2022 EDW Report

Every month Evangelical Dark Web publishes a report of not only how this ministry performed but also to summarize the news or themes of the previous month. February was a month full of controversial takes. But overall, I would not call a great month on any metric other than content, of which there was a lot. Much of the news focused on the Southern Baptist Convention where major developments look to shape the upcoming convention. Given that this is an election year, Evangelical Dark Web will be doing election coverage as well highlighting primary races. The end of the month brought forth a focus on Ukraine, which has carried over into March and will be a focus for the foreseeable future. March already is more promising than the 28 day month when it comes to metrics.

I’ve been following the Ukraine situation since 2014, so to hear the fake narrative from the government and mainstream media is disconcerting to me, putting it mildly. This truly is the next COVID and Evangelical Dark Web will report the truth of the what’s going on while providing separate commentary.

Quick Stats


In February, Evangelical Dark Web published the highly requested verdict on Tim Keller and that was a success. Additionally, we posted a poll, behind a paywall, for members to chose the next person to research. The winner of that poll was Sadie Robertson Huff, who is an interesting case to say the least. No promises that this will be done in March as it is a very busy time for me.


This was a slower month whether due to algorithm throttling or seasonality. Summer will be the best time for the channel. We did throw a livestream on the Anti-Feminist Manifesto and will do more this month.


Many of you know that team Evangelical Dark Web is devoted to a local political campaign, for myself. I want to let you know that the campaign is going very well, especially given the slow redistricting process.

“Patreon” System

Evangelical Dark Web has a tier subscription service. A lot of competitors have this (a term of endearment in this case) and for good reason. The purpose of this is not to make the founder of this site rich. This is a labor of love and will remain that way. Rather the purpose of this is to build a war chest. I have great admiration for what people like Jon Harris of Conversations That Matter are doing in supporting a new decentralized infrastructure for the church to navigate the fallen institutions all around us and crafting professional documentaries telling important stories. Consider joining. This will allow access to all the Evangelical Dark Web has to offer, like polls for the next discernment verdict.


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