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Andrew Torba: Gab is not a platform for state-backed PSYOP campaigns

As the Mass Formation Psychosis ramps up against the Russian people, Andrew Torba put out a statement likening Big Tech’s campaign against Russian (for Soros) to the cancellation Gab experienced and overcame. In a post titled The Deplatforming of A Nation-State, Torba’s sharp words begin with a comparison.

American right wing dissidents are no strangers to any of these things. All of these tools of war have been used against us as American citizens for six years now. In Gab’s case we have been banned from both app stores, domain registrars, and big tech platforms for years. Now these same tools and tactics of war that have been developed and used against us as dissidents are being used against all of Russia. Other nation states should be paying attention to this. Are you going to continue to allow your citizens to be controlled entirely by a handful of companies in Silicon Valley, or is now perhaps the time to start building your own sovereign technology and infrastructure?

Indeed, everything our Big Tech oligarchs are doing to Russia, they have done to us or will do to us soon. Yet the NPCs applaud it.

Yesterday Gab engineers discovered a massive anti-Russian botnet on our platform, which we immediately banned. There were hundreds of newly created accounts all sharing the same dozen or so IP addresses. They were reposting, commenting, and liking anti-Russian fake news to the Gab Explore page. Our bot detection systems caught them quickly and we removed them from the platform.

This type of activity is eerily similar to CENTCOM’s Operation Earnest Voice. We have no proof who was behind this activity, all we know is what their agenda was: promoting anti-Putin and anti-Russian propaganda. Gab is not a platform for state-backed PSYOP campaigns. We’re not going to allow this coordinated inauthentic activity to take place in our community, not from foreign state actors and not from our own government.

Andrew Torba calls the propaganda exactly what it is: a psyop. It’s time to be redpilled and outright skeptical of the media narrative, as it is both ahistorical and immoral.

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