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Is Ukraine Finished?

It’s not a secret that most Americans seem to be under a psyop when it comes to the war in Ukraine. Almost all of the information that’s on mainstream news sources comes from Ukraine, as the Russians are not publicizing their wins or their losses. However, Americans are left with a picture that the Ukrainian people are making a bold defense for their country. Additionally, propaganda spread about the next Chernobyl, but the Russians captured Europe’s largest nuclear power plant without coming close to a meltdown. Evangelical Dark Web reported that the Russians have laid multiple sieges across eastern Ukraine. Is this actually the sign that Ukraine is a spent force, rather than a resilient one?

Colonel Douglas MacGregor went on Fox Business News and explained that the Ukrainian military has no mobility and cannot win in the field, so they are hiding in dense population centers.

“What you’re seeing is that the Russians have now driven what’s left of the Ukrainian forces, who are taking refuge in population centers – cities – because they have no mobility, no air defense, no air cover, no logistical infrastructure,” MacGregor said on Friday.

“They are now mingling with the population, much as we’ve seen in the Middle East when we drove the Islamists out of business, they ran into cities, used people as shields – the civilian population – and trying to avoid being annihilated.”

Stuart Varney, the Fox host then asked if Putin would flatten Ukraine into rubble, to which MacGregor responded as though he were ignorant citing that what Russia has captured was more in-tact than Iraq in both wars. He also went on to suggest that some of the victories Ukraine posts have no credibility citing the litany of debunked propaganda.

Final Thoughts

Without mobility, Ukraine’s consolidated forces resorting to urban warfare is a desperate attempt to war a propaganda war in the hopes America and NATO will come to their rescue.

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2 Responses

  1. I think you should get out of the war reporting business and get back to your original charge of exposing false teachers, and hypocrisy in the church.
    Thank you for that.

  2. If we want to save lives, encourage them to surrender. If we aren’t going to give enough support to give them a chance we’re just leading them on. NATO got Ukraine into this but won’t get them out. They are caugh in the middle, pawns in the game.

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