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Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo Preaches Against Cancel Culture At Church

A Branch Covidian Synagogue of Satan, invited Andrew Cuomo to speak during their worship service, and his speech lacked all the self awareness one might expect from a disgraced former governor. God’s Battalion of Prayer Church is a church in New York City that calls Andrew Cuomo a friend. On March 6th, Cuomo spoke at length about “cancel culture” and how he was the victim of it.

The speech had numerous highlights such as Andrew Cuomo going on a tangent about the changing culture and how he was not ready for how fast people changed. At every turn he sounded like a politician. He says he did nothing criminal and that extremist wanted to get rid of him, despite the fact that his resignation is ultimately why he’s no longer governor.

The theory I gleaned from his speech is that Andrew Cuomo is now allowed back into politics. The Democrats will allow him to run for high office, senator or maybe even POTUS in 2024.

In any case, this was an instance of a building claiming to be a church having a politician who knew nothing about the gospel complain about how he’s the victim.

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  1. Jesuit educated and a puppet for the Pope. Thier agenda of the Counter Reformation is easy to see. His Lawlessness in NYC promoted Cancel Culture – what a hypocrite.

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