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Tim Keller

Tim Keller Compares Francis Collins to Daniel

In another thread of cryptic tweets, Tim Keller appears to be defending Francis Collins and his service in government. Francis Collins has been hounded by discernment ministries like Evangelical Dark Web, and was eventually put on blast by Megan Basham at the Daily Wire. The leaked audio reported a few days ago is the apparent context for the Twitter thread. Tim Keller does not name names, as most Big Eva figure do not in these kind of threads.

Keller first obfuscates the issues by acting like offensive content in a movie is remotely comparable to funding bioweapons in Chinese labs or procuring record amounts of fetal tissue harvested from abortions. Francis Collins is an above average component in the rot of our government, and Tim Keller has been his ally for many years.

Tim Keller then tries to attack the credibility of Daniel, who very little is known about his administrative work. But we can confidently say Daniel did not fund bioweapons research in a lab, promote unsafe and ineffective jabs, promote sodomy & trangenderism, or create a demand for infanticide.

Joseph, we know more about his governance. Egypt had a much smaller government back then. Joseph’s authority was that when he spoke, the king’s words came out. We can safely bet that he imposed, to some degree, his morality.

Tim Keller wants us to justify evil men because these evil men have been his allies for decades. Francis Collins is so wicked that he undermines the credibility of those around him, like Tim Keller.

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