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Idaho HB 675: Transgenderism is Child Mutilation!

In the early months of 2022, several states have seen movement on legislation that never should have been drafted, but in a totally depraved, fallen world, it has become necessary that we specifically legislate to protect children from being groomed for sexual abuse and worse, experimented on via clinical and surgical means. Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis drew the rage of the left with the passage of Florida’s anti-grooming bill, which was derided as “Don’t Say Gay.” Meanwhile, viral clips circulated of feminist landwhales discussing child masturbation at summer sex camps in Kentucky and Pete Buttigieg’s butt buddy having children recite a gay national anthem on a Netflix documentary. Such degeneracy makes these laws all the more necessary to legislate.

Idaho HB 675

Recently, the Idaho House of Delegates passed HB 675 which would amend Idaho’s already existing law on female genital mutilation to be more inclusive so that it protects all children. The word “female” is dropped from the statute and the statute is updated to criminalize the following:

[W]hoever knowingly engages in any of the following practices upon a child that circumcise, excise, infibulate, or mutilate the reproductive organs and parts of a child, for the purpose of attempting to change or affirm the child’s perception of the child’s sex if that perception is inconsistent with the child’s biological sex, shall be guilty of a felony

Itemized actions featured in this section include surgical measures to transgender youths while also prohibitions on doctors prescribing either hormone therapy or puberty blockers. Under the law, transporting a child to another state would also be illegal. If convicted guilty, child abusers could face life in prison.

The law passed the Idaho house with 55 in the affirmative and 13 voting against. Republican Fred Wood, who is apparently a physician, joined the twelve democrats who voted against this measure. May the people of Idaho hold this pro-grooming politician accountable. The Idaho legislators have been leaders on the issue of men in women’s sports, as Idaho was early to ban such mockery to our girls. Furthermore, the state just passed its version of the Texas heartbeat law. This bill, if passed by March 25th, represents a direct blow to the predatory transgender movement, branding their methods as the child mutilation that it is. With 27 of 35 in the Idaho Senate being Republican, there should be no reason this bill should not pass overwhelmingly, but RINO’s exist even in rural mountain states. Just look at Wyoming.

Many Bills, Few Laws

There is no reason why too few states have meaningful legislation in the books to protect children from transgender grooming. While too much attention is directed at our congressmen and senators, who are incapable of passing any meaningful legislation that does not spend trillions of dollars, the states are where the real change is happening, that is if the base bothers to show up. According to the ACLU (and their lazily written, incomplete list), there are numerous more bills, but a majority will die in committee.

In addition to vaccine passport bans, Texas legislators also failed to pass SB1646 and its adjacent bill HB1399, necessitating executive action from Governor Greg Abbott. This executive action in labeling sex-change procedures as child abuse, along with Ken Paxton’s guidance, is not a victory—it is damage control. Texas has one of the most prominent cases in the country featuring the son of Jeffrey Younger, whose child-abusing ex-wife desires to transgender their son and has been supported by the courts. Younger faces a runoff primary in May for state delegate and recently caused an uproar at a college campus.

The Supreme Court will eventually rule wherever the wind blows, even if by technicality. Should enough states restrict this egregious form of child abuse, then this would considerably sway the courts. We have seen this with abortion and (unfortunately) with jab mandates. But showing up is half the battle.

Reactions of the Left

The outrage of the left is as vitriolic regardless of whether it deals with high school sports or medical experimentation. The same reactions Kim Reynolds received in Iowa over banning men from women’s sports is the same reaction Ron DeSantis received last week and is the same Brad Little would receive should he sign HB 675. The scale might be different as Florida is more prominent and populated than either Iowa or Idaho, but the rhetoric and demonic teeth gnashing is the exact same.

The talking points they use are virtually identical. When reporting on these bills, the media will turn to the child grooming activists who will claim that transgendering children is helpful psychologically and reduces suicide risks. They will quote the Trevor Project, ACLU, and the APA, using the same talking points regardless of the proposed bill. The exact words they print are the same! They ignore the fact that they are promoting a lifestyle which elevates suicide chances and that children will overwhelmingly phase out of it if left alone. Furthermore, they ignore the clearly age stratified data that confirms “born this way” is really just learned behavior.


Intellectually, this is the easiest debate in the world to win. The proof is self-evident. Men cannot become women. Women cannot become men. There are only two genders: male and female. But this is not an intellectual debate. They do not care about facts, nor will appealing to logic have any effect. Moreover, one cannot out-emote the left. There is no reasoning or negotiating with histrionic terminators. It simply is not possible. We cannot share a country with these groomers, nor should we want to.

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