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Willy Rice

DarkLinks 47: Exposing Willy Rice

Ed Litton’s decision to not run again in 2022, citing sermongate as a primary reason, makes the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022 competitive. The Southern Baptist elites had Willy Rice ready to receive nomination a day after the Litton announcement was made. Following this announcement, grassroots Evangelical publications gave the remnant within the Southern Baptist Convention the ammunition to properly label Willy Rice as woke. This edition of DarkLinks will compile short list of sources that expose Willy Rice, the frontrunner to be the next SBC president. So far their is no remnant candidate in the race.

SBC Elite Willy Rice A Client of Docent Research Group

By Ray Fava @ Evangelical Dark Web

What’s clear about Grayson Pope’s role at Docent Research Group is that he specialized in writing curriculum, as opposed to Greg Lamb who wrote sermons. Docent advertises its services to pastors and Docent contractor titles make obvious that larger clients receive more resources. Whereas, North Valley Community Church may have only required one contractor, a larger client such as Cavalry Church likely required more than one. It is unlikely someone who specializes in writing curriculum was the team leader. If anything, Pope was likely brought in for a special assignment given that he does not indicate that he wrote a significant amount of curriculum for Cavalry Church.

It is unlikely that Calvary Church would have only used Docent Research Group to have performed one routine assignment. Moreover, it is unlikely that someone below the senior pastor, Willy Rice, would utilize Docent, without him setting a precedent first.


Willy Rice Denounces CRT?

By Jon Harris @ Conversations That Matter

Jon Harris exposes Rice’s attempt to pass himself off as not woke, by using Dhati Lewis’s model, the woke church planter, to describe what is within the Christian Overton Window with regards to race.


Willy Rice deleted blog post linking Trump supporters to idolatry

By Capstone Report

SBC Presidential candidate Willy Rice’s church deleted a Trump blog post days after Willy Rice announced SBC Presidential run. Why delete the article now?

Deleted blog post compared Trump voters to idolaters & Q-Anon conspiracy theories.

The Trump and January 6th blog post “Pastoral Reflections on A Political and Spiritual Crisis” was penned January 15, 2021. It was live on Rice’s church website as recently as March 4, 2022, according to the Internet Archive. However, it is no longer on the Calvary Church website. The website returns a Page Not Found Error message—and the post is not included on the index of the Pastor’s Blog page.


Willy Rice on Social Justice

By Jon Harris @ Conversations That Matter

Jon Harris exposes Willy Rice and his support of Social Justice.


Final Thoughts

Let it not be said that Willy Rice is a good guy or a clean candidate. Grassroots Christian journalism has exposed his character. It’s up to the remnant remaining in the Southern Baptist Convention to use this research, that Evangelical Dark web has both contributed to and compiled for even easier access.

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