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Sadie Robertson Huff

Why Sadie Robertson Huff Shouldn’t Preach

As an extension of the verdict answering the question of whether or not Sadie Robertson Huff is a false teacher, I wanted to provide context for much of my assessment of her teaching and messaging. Of the numerous sermons of hers I listened too, the most recent original sermon, titled, “Anointed Right Now” is a fair representation of her capacity to teach or lack thereof after five years of doing so. Published February 22, 2022, this is the most recent original sermon as opposed to a rehashed sermon delivered at a different location. It was delivered to her own conference, Live Original 2022.

In the verdict, I summarized my observation of Huff’s sermon as follows:

In her most recent Live Original Conference, Huff preached from The Message instead of the Bible.[8] She claims that she did an altar call at the beginning of the message (unshown on video) so that everyone at the conference would “feel anointed.” This sermon dangerously presupposes that the entire audience is saved. Additionally, in a sermon on David and Goliath, Huff seemed unaware of the practice of single combat or what a sling was. Moreover, she employs a narcissistic amount of metaphor on David keeping the sheep (1 Samuel 16:11) ignoring how the Bible demonstrates that David’s anointing was God’s will and not Jesse’s or Samuel’s will. This is a clear deviation from the text in order to give a motivational speech.

In this video, I go through the sermon, fleshing out my observations. As there is very little content addressing this rising star in Big Eva, in written or video form, this sermon is a fair representation of the concerns that I see in Huff as a discerning believer. If unchecked, I do believe that Huff will be the next Victoria Osteen or Christine Caine, as she does not have a discerning bone in her body.

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  1. You may think me unreasonably critical over a small thing, but here goes. You used the wrong word when referring to her “alter call”. Alter means to change, while the correct word here is altar, which is an elevated place or structure on which religious rites are performed. Now you might think that very picky of me, but if you want to be taken seriously, you might consider it important to use proper grammar/words. I really like your site as I believe you are right on target, but you should be aware of how you might be perceived as uneducated, therefore not a reliable resource.

  2. I recently turned 64, and late in life I walked away from evangeleftism, and I never looked back.
    While I have no dog in this fight now, the question for me begs, are there that many soft and simple minded men in evangelical Protestant denominations that actually sit there and tolerate this heterodoxy, fluff, and egalitarianism from women clergy? Obviously, there’re more and more younger men calling this out and/or walking away, possibly some older boomers as well, but this appears, IMO, to be a masculinity issue as much as a spiritual bankruptcy issue.

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