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He Gets Us

Exposing ‘He Gets Us’: Big Eva’s $100 Million Ad Campaign

About $100 million dollars have poured into an ad campaign consisting of stock images overlaid with music and narration, in an attempt to make Jesus the biggest brand ever. He Gets Us began in 2021 as an ad campaign to promote Jesus as relatable. Yet despite their top video having 16.2 million views this ad does not even have 150 likes. On top of that, the channel has approximately 2450 subs. This denotes an inability to capture audience, much less create a campaign that resonates with people.

Theologically Liberal or Just Seeker Sensitive?

He Gets Us wrongfully portrays Jesus as a refugee and an immigrant on their website. Additionally, the website has no faith statement or gospel presentation. It directs to the Youversion Bible App, the product of Craig Groeschel. The language of refugee is easily seen as a theologically liberal approach to Scripture, but other ads consists of Jesus inviting everyone to a dinner party and Jesus letting his hair down sometimes. One attempt to make Jesus seem relatable is to word his ministry as an inner city gang.

Gloo Connection

Christianity Today reports the $100 million dollar figure in their promotion of the ad campaign. 

The $100 million for He Gets Us comes from The Servant Christian Foundation, a nonprofit backed by a Christian donor-advised fund called The Signatry. (Both declined to name the donors who helped envision and pay for He Gets Us, who want to remain anonymous.)

Additionally, the other biggest player behind the He Gets Us campaign is Gloo Connect. Evangelical Dark Web reported what Gloo is, describing them as “if Rick Warren were a tech company.” Gloo is heavily in bed with Barna Research Group, a group relied on by many for cultural insights. Evangelical Dark Web reported last year how Barna went woke.

The pathetic result of a massive collaboration of heavy hitters in the “Christian” marketing world is stock image videos with narration and cringe messaging. Bible verses are not relied on, neither is the testimony of believers.


God’s word does not return void, and because He Gets Us doesn’t utilize God’s word, its “How do you do, fellow kids?” approach to marketing Jesus will most certainly return void.

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2 Responses

  1. “He gets us.” In the book of Acts 10:34-35 the Bible states very clearly that God is no respecter of persons. If we do not fear, or reverence God, or if we are without faith in Christ, He couldn’t care less how we feel about him “getting” us. The question is, “DO WE GET HIM?” Do we serve him or do we serve our own self interests?

  2. $100 million on cringe billboards? This is money laundering. The question should be for whom and where is the money really ending up?

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