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Christ or Chaos: Christians vs Conservative Inc.

In light of Dave Rubin’s IVF pregnancy announcement, conservative media has been in a heated conversation about the merits of promoting degeneracy and how that helps or harms the political movement. Professing believers flocked to praise Dave Rubin. Meanwhile the more vocal Christians in conservative media, notably BlazeTV’s Steve Deace, Delano Squires, Jason Whitlock, and Allie Stuckey all publicly refused to celebrate it. Conservatives need to have a conversation about what behavior should be tolerated in the movement.

In this livestream, team Evangelical Dark Web names names in talking about Conservative Inc. Dave Rubin is a perfect launching point, since he is a pro-abortion homosexual that is somehow prominent in conservative media despite an obvious lack of insight.

Additionally parallels between the church and conservatism are drawn, such as the subversion efforts as well as political pundits having no marketable skills outside of punditry.

Another thing posited is to what degree conservatism needs entry level material, as we discuss the decline of PragerU.

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