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Robin Hadaway

Robin Hadaway runs for SBC President

The anticipation for the Annual Southern Baptist Convention continues to build up as another candidate for SBC president is getting his hat thrown into the ring. Robin Hadaway, a professor of missions at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has joined the race. He is being nominated by Wade Akins, a longtime missionary who served in Rwanda. The announcement was first reported by Baptist Press, in which his longtime service to the Southern Baptist Convention was highlighted.

Robin Hadaway joins Willy Rice and Tom Ascol, who have previously joined the race. Willy Rice is the establishment choice for president while Tom Ascol represents the Conservative Resurgence 2.0. So far, there is nothing to connect Hadaway to wokeness or other reasons to believe he is to the left of Rice. However, he does appear as though the Randy Adams of this race.

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