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DarkLinks 48: Julie Roys slanders John MacArthur

Julie Roys having beef with John MacArthur is nothing new. The raging feminist has made him her white whale ever since John MacArthur told Beth Moore to go home. After slandering John MacArthur for his wealth via shoddy reporting, Julie Roys also heavily promoted the Great Reset narrative on COVID, attacking John MacArthur for reopening his church. The latest smear campaign by Julie Roys is to malign MacArthur based on how his church handled a collapsing marriage twenty years ago prior to criminal convictions of the husband involved. Protestia has led the way on pointing out this smear campaign for what it is. Recently Jon Harris has also joined in the fight.

Judge Julie: Accusing a Shepherd

By David Morrill @ Protestia

  1. 1982: David and Eileen are married.
  2. 1994-1998: The couple adopts three children.
  3. 1998: David begins displaying abusive behavior in his discipline of the children.
  4. 1998-2001: David continues abusive treatment of children, including not being appropriately dressed when around the kids (walking around in his underwear).
  5. June 2001: Children reportedly tell Eileen they think David was trying to kill them (due to one particularly abusive instance of “disipline”). Eileen files a restraining order against David. Church members house her and the kids until the order takes effect and they can return home without David there.
  6. September 2001: Eileen and David begin marital counseling at the church with elder Carey Hardy. These sessions were taped, with the exact context of statements made during the sessions being disputed in statements from Eileen Gray and Carey Hardy.
  7. November 2001: Eileen requests to be removed from the church’s membership. The church denies this request in accordance with their bylaws, reporting that they believe they are dealing with a marital reconciliation issue that is within the disiplinary purview of the church.
  8. April 2002: The church continues to insist that Eileen reconcile with David, revealing their belief that there is no longer any biblical reason Eileen should continue to refuse reconciliation.
  9. May 2002: Believing that they are dealing with Eileen’s unsubstantiated refusal to reconcile, pastor MacArthur brings the issue before the church in a communion service.
  10. August 2002: The church elders reiterates their belief that it is Eileen who is refusing a proper reconciliation, and concludes that Eileen has no desire to reconcile the marriage.
  11. September 2002: The family court grants Eileen sole custody of the children and a legal separation, and she moves north with the kids to be closer to family, who were helping care for them as she fought cancer. David is still granted monitored visitation as Eileen still wanted the kids to see their father and in fact wanted them to have more time with him.
  12. February 2003: The children begin counseling with psychologist Melinda Adams.
  13. February-May 2003: The children begin to demonstrate negative reactions to David during visitations, and reportedly begin describing to Eileen instances of David sexually abusing them. Eileen reports thinking they were mistaken at first, but upon believing them she ceases David’s visitations.
  14. Late 2003: Eileen reports the children’s accusations to the police. She reportedly tells police that she recalls smelling semen on the children in 2001, but upon examination found nothing. There is no evidence that this was reported to anyone when it happened.
  15. February 2004: Detectives arrest David Gray on suspicion of 10 felonies, including sexual abuse charges.
  16. June 2005: David Gray is convicted on 6 out of 10 counts, and sentenced to multiple prison terms resulting in his incarceration for 21 years to life in prison. Gray had pleaded non guilty, insisting that Eileen had been more interested in “building a case” against him rather than reconciling. He testified that prior to December 2002, the kids reacted positively to him during visits, but that this changed in the following months. He denied all allegations of sexual abuse, insisting that Eileen planted these events in the minds of the kids to drive David out of their lives.
  17. November 2006: David Gray’s appeal is denied. The appeal alleged that the court failed to provide a fair trial by not severing the abuse allegations (which had admission evidence) from the sexual abuse allegations (which were entirely based on the children’s statements), but the court found that connecting them was proper. Gray’s attorneys also argued that it was wrong to admit as evidence an unsubstantiated allegation against Gray of sexual contact from 22 years prior to the trial.
  18. March 2022: David Gray is reportedly denied parole for another ten years, with the parole board reportedly describing Gray as a “sadistic predator who weaponized religion.” Roys celebrates the decision.

Roys vs MacArthur: Anatomy of a Smear

By David Morrill @ Protestia

If the church did not fail to report, did not engage in “abusive” counseling by insisting Christian marriages are to be reconciled, exercised church discipline based on what they knew and/or believed to be true and didn’t abandon a church member before, during, and after he was convicted of crimes, there is no case to be made against them. Using this case to attack the church is downright sinful.

What is worse, in her cynical attempt to leverage sympathy for abuse survivors against MacArthur by pushing twisted, unverifiable conclusions, she does grave damage to future abuse victims, whose claims may now be looked at with greater skepticism than is warranted. Julie Roys twisted the timeline, She abused the facts. She abused the people involved. Most seriously, she denied the true power and nature of God’s sovereignty in redemption and reconciliation.

Julie Roys Funded by Progressive Baptist College Steeped in Wokeness

By David Morrill @ Protestia

Judson – much like Roys herself – claims to be theologically conservative. Yet the school platforms the kind of woke lady pastors that make Beth Moore sound like Phyllis Schlafly. “Conservative” Judson advertises a parody-level commitment to diversity, social justice, and racial reconciliation on their website, which confesses their practice of the sin of partialism through race-based hiring and scholarships, so-called diversity “curriculum transformation,” and segregated student organizations. Yet perhaps no evidence of Judson’s gospel-denying wokeness is clearer than their recent “Race and Justice” speaking series.

John MacArthur and the David Gray Situation

By Jon Harris @ Conversations That Matter

This video is a mega deep dive on this story.


Parting Thoughts

There is no reason to consider Julie Roys a credible Christian journalist. There is also great reason to doubt her love for the church and faith altogether. Protestia pointed out that her website accepts donations through Judson, which legally entitles the college to control the money Julie Roys receives under the guise of charitable donations. There will be more to come on Julie Roys.

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