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Why Julie Roys Hates John MacArthur

The latest smear campaign of Julie Roys to impugn John MacArthur for supporting an alleged sex abuser was largely exposed thanks to diligent researchers at Protestia. However, it’s worth noting that Julie Roys has a long history of going after John MacArthur for his success and for his obedience to Scripture. There are believers who are not fans of MacArthur because they do not agree with his dispensationalism, pietism, or views on spiritual gifts and reformed theology. Julie Roys is none of such people. Julie Roys is a raging feminist.

Last year, Julie Roys went after John MacArthur for his wealth is a shoddily written article that reported on the value of his home that he’s lived in for decades amidst a massive real estate boom, his home’s proximity to amenities including the beach, and his watch that was a gift from his congregation. If John MacArthur is a hypocrite when it comes to wealth, the conclusion would not be drawn from the writings of Julie Roys.

This came in the middle of Julie Roys habitually going after John MacArthur for taking a stance against lockdowns and mask mandates. Julie Roys would eventually “uncover” the fact that Grace Community Church never partook in contact tracing protocols or reporting to the state or their congregants whether people had Covid. She would even softly accuse Grace Community Church of being responsible for people dying of a respiratory illness that American doctors largely mistreat. Simply put, Julie Roys is a major Branch Covidian who has lied for the last two years by peddling the government narrative. In addition to going after MacArthur, she also routinely went after Liberty University.

For someone to work in news reporting but peddle the government narrative, lying for two years, should be a major red flag on not only their profession of faith but their ability to report information. Additionally, the motivation to smear John MacArthur is highly motivated by Roys’ embrace of theological liberalism.

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