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Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley preaches on politics

If ever a preacher has the opportunity to preach to politicians at a chaplain service, this would be a great time to preach the gospel to a pagan audience. Alas, Andy Stanley is no real preacher. And in his message to the Georgia legislature, the gospel was not presented in any way, shape, or form. However, the sensibilities of Democrats and Republicans were placated as Andy Stanley promoted moderate politics and finding solutions in the “messy middle.”

Andy Stanley explains the divisiveness in this country is for Democrats to portray Republicans as racist and ignorant. In turn, Republicans portray Democrats as corrupt. To Andy Stanley, Republicans believe that Democrats have character flaws that result in their policy decisions, rather than their location and experiences.

There are major Christian teachings that Andy Stanley ignores, such as Original Sin.  This fundamental Christian teaching asserts that human beings are inwardly corrupt. And while inward corruption is not exclusive to Democrats, Andy Stanley, instead chooses to exonerate them from this characterization. Additionally, Democrat policies, and politicians, are incompatible to support as Christians, since the Democrat platform has no redeeming qualities. There was a recent push in Maryland to pass an infanticide bill.

The goal of politics should be to win, not just the next election but outright. Andy Stanley’s proposal to work in the messy middle in exactly how Congress passes endless spending bills that cater to the special interests they share rather than the best interests of the people. This is an outdated paradigm at best and a homage to the status quo of corrupt leadership at worst. But above all, it was another example of Andy Stanley giving an unsaving message.

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    1. Is he lower than Phil Vischer? Asking for a friend. Also, Christian Post reported favorably about this same message.

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