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Boycotting Disney: Moral Necessity or Self-Righteous Legalism?

In the aftermath of Governor Ron DeSantis signing HB1557, the anti-grooming, parental rights bill derided as being “Don’t Say Gay,” the leftist outrage has been predictably vehement. The demonic gnashing of teeth from the “comedians” hosting the Oscars, to the numerous celebrities on Twitter, to Phil Vischer, who we have discussed before, public school teachers, and that of the corporations, none more prominent or outspoken on this issue than Disney.

During an ESPN broadcast of women’s college basketball, the anchors proceeded to take a moment of silence, which would have gone unnoticed had media pundits not pounced on it. On March 28, Disney put out the following statement via Twitter:

Florida’s HB 1557, also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law. Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that. We are dedicated to standing up for the rights and safety of LGBTQ+ members of the Disney family, as well as the LGBTQ+ community in Florida and across the country.

Blatantly included in that statement was clear declaration that they will lobby against politicians who would pass any legislation that targets the homosexual and transvestite agenda. From greed motivated silence on Chinese concentration camps, advocacy of Black Lives Matter, and their clot-shot requirements for workers, there is no brand of evil that Disney is averse to supporting. Additionally, Disney personnel are on record seeking to implement a “gay agenda” through their content creation along with diversity quotas to normalize these behaviors to a child audience. It is no secret that Disney is seeking to sexually groom children. They have been doing it for years by adding homosexual acts to their content, invoking a disproportionate number of homosexual characters, and through feminism. Moreover, if one looks at their child actresses, there is a slew of mental issues which undoubtedly stem from their time at Disney.

Disney is the most prominent content creator in American society, exerting its influence across all forms of media from news and sports to TV shows and movies while offering theme parks and cruises to monetize their intellectual properties. Over the years, they have amassed a host of brands to become the behemoth which includes ESPN, Pixar, Marvel Comics, LucusFilm, 21st Century Fox and more to become a publicly traded company worth in excess of $250 billion.

No Clear Standard

What should Christians do in response to this? Needless to say, there have been calls to boycott Disney and all its brands and content due to their support of child grooming. Yet in conversations personally seen, those keyboard warriors advocating boycotts suggest that failure to do so implicates one in supporting Disney in all its evils, including that of child grooming. They would accuse those consuming Disney of having idols in their life they are unwilling to give up. To them, it is a moral imperative that that people disconnect from Disney at all levels.

Yet these are serious accusations. One is accusing another of sin for supporting a company which engages in wicked behavior. That same person also ascribes idolatry to those consumers. The latter is the easier of the two to address. For purpose of discussion, it is inappropriate to ascribe the same motivations for every person who consumes content, assuming it is not explicitly pornographic, or purchases a given product. Consumption does not inherently mean idolatry. The levels of consumption vary between consumers. For example, some people account share Disney Plus (guilty) while others are comic book enthusiasts. Some enjoy their legacy catalog while others their acquired properties like Star Wars. Some only consume the live sports, and if one is into UFC (which the most overtly Christian and conservative sport), then they are consuming it via a Disney platform. For those that own cable—Disney is generally included. This even goes for alternate TV platforms like YouTubeTV. This is a mega corporation, making most people consumers of Disney on some level.

To equate consumption with participation is an unfair standard. It also attributes moral culpability to the consumer for what a corporation does despite their lack of agency in the acts of evil being committed. In defining sin, there must be clear standards and the proponents of boycott are issuing blanket accusations against swaths of people.

For All Corporations Have Sinned

In my conversation, I posited the question of which major corporations do not support child grooming. Of the S&P 500, all the corporations walk in lockstep with the spirit of the age. They are increasingly being governed by ESG (Environmental, Social Governance—Woke Scores). They all rallied over the death of St. George Floyd. Find a corporation that is innocent in this.

The same accusations of supporting child grooming could be levied at Alphabet, which owns YouTube, Gmail, and Google. YouTube has long promoted sexualized content for children, disinclined to age restrict videos. Content like Lil Nas X’s music video about sodomy in prison along with “Dick or Dildo” is available to all users on YouTube, regardless of age. Then there is Nickelodeon which is grooming children through Blue’s Clues. Nickelodeon is owned by Paramount Global, which also owns CBS, ShowTime, and Comedy Central. Famously, Netflix distributed the movie Cuties, which explicitly sexualizes children through suggestive dancing and crotch shots on children. Is subscribing to Netflix to watch anything else (like Seinfeld) the same as supporting Cuties?

Facebook (Meta) and Twitter are both on The National Center On Sexual Exploitation’s Dirty Dozen lists for 2021. Facebook and Instagram are the largest platforms for sexual grooming and online victim recruitment while Twitter is rampant with pornography. Also on the list, Visa facilitates payment processing for pornography websites without protections against child pornography. They also allow prostitutes and brothels to accept Visa. MasterCard is described as at least requiring safety protocols to prevent child exploitation on these sites.

AT&T, Wells Fargo, US Bank, United Airlines, and Airbnb all supported the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, which included registered sex offenders. When Disney issued a statement over Texas’s executive action banning child transitioning, 60 companies joined them via the so-called Human Rights Campaign’s letter. Additionally, more than 160 companies support the Rainbow Jihad’s activist organization in its attempts to undermine necessary legislation. Click the link. Doubtless you are guilty of using, consuming, or purchasing products from several of these corporations.

Every large corporation supports transgendering children. Every single corporation supports the same evils as Disney. They are Legion! You cannot access the internet, operate a computer or cell phone, purchase food at a grocery store, clothing, pay for goods, fly on a plane, shop for toiletries and over the counter medicines, or even bank without doing business with a corporation that supports this vile wickedness.

I would agree that Disney is unique in its market position, but there is no objective standard by which we can avoid doing business with all these corporations. It is impossible. There is no standard to levy charges of sin but whatever line in the sand the keyboard warrior dictates. These are easy accusations to make, that one consumes Disney is the same as supporting child grooming and idolatry while typing on their Apple device wearing their Nike clothing, sipping their Coke, which they purchased using their Visa.

This is without commenting on the logical implications for those who work at these corporations. It is reasonable to say that there is a remnant of Christians who are but worker bees at these corporations. Are they really guilty for the sins of their employers? When they stand up against the evils of their corporate overlords, they should be lauded, not chastised for working for those who groom children or otherwise finance it.

Christian Liberty Triumphs

1st Corinthians 5:9-11 states:

I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people; I did not at all mean with the immoral people of this world, or with the covetous and swindlers, or with idolaters, for then you would have to go out of the world. But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler—not even to eat with such a one.

Paul instructs the Corinthian church that there is an inevitability of doing business with those who are of the world. In fact, he specifically instructs the church to scrutinize their own brethren who commit immoral acts rather than judge the world. In other words, we should expect worldly corporations to engage in wicked acts but hold especially accountable those who claim to support our values. Recently we mentioned Blaze Media for its support of Dave Rubin. In the past, we have discussed Black Rifle Coffee Company’s lack of support for the Second Amendment and Chick-fil-a being woke. We should not expect Amazon to be our friends, but the difference is those three brands pride themselves as catering to Christian values on some capacity.

In the pagan world of Roman society, this meant purchasing goods and services from those who were sexually immoral, idol worshippers, orgy goers, and worst of all (insert sarcasm) slave owners. The wine they used for communion in the Greco-Roman cities was likely locally sourced, so that meant financially supporting pagans. We live in a pagan society. Act like it. Give grace to one another as we do business with the world so long as we do not become it. We can engage the culture without succumbing to it.

The principles in Romans 14 with regards to Christian Liberty that were used to articulate the biblical grace for those who refused the jab—the grace denied by Big Eva is the same that should be applied here. By the way, those people were vindicated given the amount of people murdered by our government. By imposing legalism, we become the very people we detest, and just like with covid, the proponents of boycott legalism advocate measures of negligible impact, but at least they care.

Fighting Disney

Individuals canceling their Disney Plus subscriptions means nothing to this evil corporation. Mickey Mouse wants your subscription, but will not miss one subscriber, not when there are countless more in India and China who could financially supplant interest in the American markets. Moreover, Disney will lose money on their content if necessary. The company has spent hundreds of millions on Onward, Encanto, and Turning Red, losing money on all three or expensing their costs to their streaming platform. The same goes for Black Widow, Shang Chi, and The Eternals.

Hit them where it hurts and where they will notice. First and foremost, we must politically target their operations by denying and rescinding any tax incentives offered by our states. The reason they are vocal against Ron DeSantis is because Florida is home to Disney World and is a hub for their cruises. They need Florida—its weather, its population, its money. There is no leaving Florida for Disney. Target this. Mobilize activist to oppose corporate whoring to Disney. This same tactic can be used on other corporations, like the airlines and Coca Cola targeting Georgia over its voter protection bill.

The second method is to boycott Disney Parks. If there is going to be public boycotts, limit them in scope to where they would be most effective. Forget the loss leading content, parks are where the profits are, as exhibited by Disney’s annual earnings.

The Covid impact on their net income was 50% and this has yet to recover in the aftermath. We as Christians should refrain from vacationing with Disney. This is not a difficult sacrifice to make. Whereas TV, movies, and streaming can connect families, those same families can grow together without spending endless hours waiting for rides and paying thousands to stay at their resorts. There are plenty of theme parks, beaches, cruises, etc. one can enjoy without doing business with Mickey. Generally, I am against boycotts as they are ineffective, but this is one area that requires little to no effort at all. Parks are where the money is, not movies. If you want to hit Disney, hit them where it hurts.

The last suggestion is to support Christian alternatives when they arise. The idea of building alternate infrastructure is one we have focused on for months with the rise of Gab, but there are small businesses, non-franchise restaurants, and a variety of online retailors who support our values, if one would take the extra time to search them out.


As heads of households, men should utilize their conscious to determine how much Disney one’s family should consume. Perhaps, streaming their movies poses a benefit of bringing families together and bonding. Sports and entertainment have a way of connecting people. Thus, Paul uses these metaphors in his epistles.

Let us not as Christians employ legalism. We can agree to the evils of Disney without condemning an individual’s consumption as innately sinful, especially when Disney is Legion and interactions with depraved corporations is inevitable. Living in a pagan society, we must engage the culture and do business with those who call evil good. For this, we require grace in how we conduct ourselves.

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  1. Yes, spot on. So you watch Seinfeld? I may have asked you before but it would explain a lot. Someone I know in the upper echelons of medical research says that they use Seinfled references to weed people out. If they get them, then they are in with top players. Of course, it’s slowly waning as we get older. Some stations still play reruns. If you don’t get what I’m saying then just never-mind, it’s not a negative to not know really.
    Our society is so far gone it would be impossible to manage your life avoiding sin-drenched corporations and organizations.

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