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Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer’s Effeminate Support of Child Grooming

The Florida Don’t Say Gay bill was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, to the outrage of liberals everywhere. The law prohibits teachers from indoctrinating children on sexuality, prohibiting discussion prior to grade four and from there on requiring that any discussion be age appropriate. It has been derided as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and drew the ire of Disney. The passage of this bill was a massive counteroffensive from the sexual grooming of children in public schools.

Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani took to their Holy Post podcast to nuance the issue. Although, Phil Vischer was pointed out by Woke Preacher Clips for comparing homosexuals and transvestites to black people, Jathani would basically argue that supporting this bill hurts the Christian witness.

There are major gaps in understanding that Phil Vischer and his cohosts do not understand such as private enforcement mechanisms. This based policy is imbedded in the Texas and Idaho abortion bills, and has become a major strategy in conservative legislation. Private enforcement mechanisms are a limited government means of deputizing private citizens to enforce statutes through lawsuits and courts. So when Vischer and Jathani complain about the law’s vagueness, they fail to (deliberately or otherwise) recognize that this is key to the bills structure and effectiveness. It creates enforcement by both parents and school systems policing themselves without relying on a government agency. Instead it creates a legal standard for which the judicial system to interpret. After all, interpreting the law is the duty of the judiciary. 

In the process, Jathani creates strawmen scenarios in which the law could conceivably be abused. But such actions would be at the expense of the parents. The law forces schools to cover the legal fees of parents if the parents win their case. This financial incentive deters abuse from frivolous lawsuits.

Vischer proposes a compromise in which the curriculum is free from indoctrination, but this is a wholly inadequate solution as teachers are grooming, not based on the curriculum but the carte blanche they believe they have in a classroom.

Vischer and Jathani represent and effeminate false witness that sickens both the men and the momma bears who need the gospel. This is an extremely simple issue about protecting children, and Christians cannot come down on either side.

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