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Cringe: The Gospel Coalition Talks About Bruno

The popular Disney movie, Encanto has inspired the latest, “How do you do, fellow kids?” attempt to relate to the culture by Big Eva’s. The movie’s Academy Award likely inspired this cringeworthy gem from The Gospel Coalition titled, “We Need to Talk About Bruno.” The article attempts to make a comparison with the movie’s male lead character, Bruno, to Jesus. Ryan MacDonald is the author.

As I watched the movie I couldn’t help but notice parallels between Bruno (the rejected truth-telling prophet) and Jesus Christ. I doubt any of these parallels were intended by Disney, and it’s usually wise to avoid reading into movie characters more “Christ figure” than is there. But to riff on Sally Lloyd-Jones, Encanto is a movie that whispers Jesus’s name. Here’s what I mean.

MacDonald goes on to tout Bruno as the rejected prophet.

Like Jesus, Bruno is a prophet without honor in his hometown (Mark 6:4). The well-meaning uncle speaks truth to those he loves in order to prepare them for what’s to come. Yet instead of receiving the warning, those who hear his words only blame Bruno for bringing disaster.

The problem with this narrative is that Bruno is a coward. He is the exact opposite of what is expected out of a grown man. He runs away from both his family and his responsibility. He doesn’t start a family or take any sort of leadership role in his own family. And the movie fails to acknowledge this.

How can we see parallels to Christ in a man who rejects labor, accountability, and headship. In Christ we see a perfect man. In Bruno, we see a child in a grown man’s body.

It’s no wonder that a Gospel Coalition write sees Christological parallels in Bruno, because Big Eva culture is rampant with effeminacy. This is yet another cringe attempt to relate to the culture by Big Eva.

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