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Transgenderism is the New Abortion

Not many issues are as existential as abortion. Abortion is rightly a litmus test on the right to weed out liberals and frauds. Though the Republican Party has at least three overtly pro-abortion senators (Murkowski, Collins, and Romney), being full-on pro-abortion is harder to do in the Republican Party than it was when pro-abortion John McCain was in leadership. On the other side, the Democrats have very few figures who aren’t full-on pro-abortion, such has put Tulsi Gabbard. Yet in either party, abortion is a major issue. Being overtly pro-abortion makes candidates virtually unelectable in the Republican Party, whereas not being pro-abortion enough invites ire from the Democrat base. Simply put, abortion is a top priority for voters in either party.

But the issue of abortion is in a mature stage in politics whereby each party is strengthening its position towards its logical conclusion, making compromise unacceptable for either side. What I see now, is that the issue of transgenderism is following the same pattern as abortion. It has increasingly become unacceptable to call yourself a conservative and support transgenderism. Bruce Jenner’s campaign for governor of California resulted in dismal results despite promotion from Fox News and Newsmax. Additionally, his onboarding at Fox News drew ire from conservatives who are fed up with transvestite grifters utilizing the boomercon love of tokenism to coopt their movement. Where this did not take place with homosexuality which is just as unbiblical, the issue of transgenderism which is further down the slippery slope has been a wakeup call for many on the right who were not previously committed to social conservatism and younger people who have joined the movement.

The grooming of children to be transvestites is evidently more obvious, and most certainly more difficult to censor, that conservatives are actually making massive gains on the issue of transgenderism despite court precedent. But these gains were largely preceded by state legislatures tackling abortion aggressively, and these same legislatures are fighting on this second front with more resistance from pro-transgenderism governors like Spencer Cox.

Abortion represents an impasse because to be pro-abortion, to be in favor of legalized abortion including cases of rape and incest, is to deny that a preborn baby is human life. To be pro-abortion is to adopt a fundamental lie. Similarly, transgenderism is the belief that a man who feels pretty can become a woman, that gender is not an immutable characteristic. The lie the pro-transgenderism person has to tell is that a man is a woman when he identifies as one. As long as mankind has been around, we knew what a woman was and we knew that a pregnant woman was carrying human life inside her, and that life had value. We had to lie to convince ourselves otherwise.

The issue of transgenderism has the unique opportunity to reset the Republican Party to be more conservative, after it largely gave up the issue of homosexuality in 2015, the same way that abortion helped reshape the Republican Party. If Roe v Wade is overturned, America will see dynamic shift to the right as many moderates will accept that decision, thus shifting the Overton Window to the right. Additionally, transgenderism’s lack of acceptance and propensity for child abuse could be the undoing of America’s acceptance of homosexuality, because the two sexual deviances are joined by the same acronym.

Politically, it should be just as toxic for a Republican to support transgenderism as men like Spencer Cox, Larry Hogan, Kristi Noem, Eric Holcomb, Asa Hutchinson, and whatever other pro-transgenderism Republican governors have in the past and present. Additionally, for us, a transvestite calling himself or herself a conservative should be seen as oxymoronic, as though they came out in support of abortion on demand. Ultimately, we are trying to conserve objective truth as a governing standard for our society. Transgenderism represents the biggest affront to objective truth in politics since abortion.

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