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Bart Barber

Major Simp Bart Barber nominated for SBC President

In the aftermath of Willy Rice withdrawing his name for consideration to be the next SBC President, Bart Barber has joined the race. In the past, Bart Barber has been Ed Litton’s biggest simp. He was therefore made chair of the Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. Willy Rice withdrew his name for consideration due to “deacongate” leaving the liberals of the convention without a clear candidate to face Tom Ascol and Robin Hadaway. Evangelcial Dark Web correctly predicted that Bart Barber would be the likely replacement and that the liberals would have a new candidate by the end of the week. Bart Barber is now that candidate per the Baptist Press. Bart Barber is the pastor of First Baptist Church, Farmersville, Texas.

Bart Barber is publicly more liberal than Willy Rice and an apparent toady for Big Eva elites, like Ed Litton. Tom Ascol in contrast is on of the most high profile dissenters of the SBC’s trajectory. The Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022 is going to be wild. 

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