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Tom Ascol

David French, Rick Warren endorse Bart Barber. Big Eva is scared of Tom Ascol.

The Southern Baptist Convention has been a proxy for the direction of protestant Christianity in the United States. It’s rather big tent encompassing patriarchal churches with congregational polity, allowing for a diversity of beliefs on soteriology, eschatology, and spiritual gifts. Additionally, it is influential for a major voting block in American politics. Six months ago, the idea of the presidential race in the Southern Baptist Convention being competitive was farfetched. Today, a conservative might have the upper hand against the liberal establishment of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Ed Litton’s scandal plagued reign caused him to not seek a second term. But the replacement lined up for Litton, Willy Rice, was sullied early by discernment ministries. However vulnerable Willy Rice was prior to April, the liberals alerted him to a hinderance to Rice’s feminist credibility, a deacon’s pre-salvation sexual immorality. Willy Rice attempted to navigate deacongate by controlling the narrative like Michael Scott in The Office, prior to it getting out. But this did him no favors with the liberal base, so he dropped out. Alas, on short notice, Bart Barber, the simp, was in the bullpen ready to be called up for this occasion.

If the conservatives did not have such a a strong candidate in a relatively undivided field, it’s a wonder if the liberals would have withdrawn Rice. Tom Ascol is formidable, and the conservatives are promising to be more organized now that they were in 2021.

It’s worth remembering that Ed Litton’s election came as a surprise. The Conservative Baptist Network did not do proper opposition research on Ed Litton, and most discernment ministries considered Al Mohler the man to beat. Alas, Kevin Ezell backed Litton and not Mohler. this strategic miscalculation, on part of the Christians was costly, but Ed Litton’s disastrous reign was a godsend that resurrected the Conservative Resurgence 2.0.

Tom Ascol, in my assessment, will have more shrewd messaging than Mike Stone. Additionally, Ascol strikes fear in the the liberals.

Sellout Dan Darling endorsed Bart Barber, garnering the echo of David French who is pro-groomer. Rick Warren, the open egalitarian and arguably the most influential Southern Baptist pastor in the last thirty years, endorsed Bart Barber.

These early endorsements from Big Eva liberals are them revealing their hand. We know who their candidate is. The liberals are telling us this. And there is plenty of dirt on Bart Barber to air prior to Anaheim.

Big Eva has a relatively weak candidate and the conservatives are a lot more energized than anticipated. The fight is on, and they know it. And they are scared.

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