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Why Conservatives Can’t Support Dr. Oz | PA Senate Race Breakdown

Outgoing Senator Pat Toomey and his career in Washington could at best be described as a mixed bag. The senator boasts a better Liberty Score than most Republican Senators but could hardly be described as the best or favorite of the senate, lacking the star power of a Cruz, Paul, or Johnson, while also lacking the petty insolence of a Romney. In the end, he was middle of the road (relatively speaking) and a man of big spending. Aside from approving most of Biden’s cabinet, Toomey would be one of the seven republicans to vote in favor of Trump’s second impeachment and support “investigations” into January 6, that are disinclined to reveal the truth of that day. Needless to say, the voters of Pennsylvania deserve better, but unfortunately, Team GOP is not serving that, and the candidates they have promoted make Toomey feel desirable.

They Call Him Dr. Oz

Mehmet Oz, or Dr. Oz, is best known as a television personality, making his early appearances with Oprah as a health expert before having his own show produced by Oprah. In addition to writing eight New York Times bestsellers, seven of which were coauthored, Oz has been a celebrity doctor offering personal and overtly moderate political commentary. In 2007, he compared himself to Arnold Schwarzenegger and donated to McCain’s presidential run. He would support other seemingly moderate (that is status quo republicans) or outright socially liberal candidates like Rabbi Shmuel Boteach, author of Kosher Jesus, which falsely contends that Christ never claimed divinity.

On the medical front, it should be unsurprising that Oz, being in the Oprah circles, supports numerous liberal and unscientific premises. Over the years, he has attempted to make silver the new copper bracelets and promoted various weight loss supplements of unproven efficacy. It is one thing to be critical of things like GMO’s or Pesticides, along with toxins in the food supply like Arsenic, but Oz’s stance reflects his New-Age worldview rather than genuine concern. Moreover, this appears to be a tactic to promote/sell alternatives. Looking through his episode log, he has plenty of content promoting detox scams, anti-aging, and other health crazes.

Dr. Oz Infiltrates the Church

In 2011, Oz worked with Rick Warren to promote the “Daniel Plan” diet to his congregants despite the pagan beliefs of the plan’s originators. During the peak “fitness craze,”  Warren, like the algorithm Christian he is, sought to cash in by offering a plan for diet, exercise, and self-improvement dribble to “improve” one’s mind. Warren contended that he wanted to use this diet to lose 90 pounds. It shows. At the time, Christianity Today published a favorable piece on Warren’s plan entitled “Why Your Church Needs a Dr. Oz.” In his book, The Dangers of Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan, author Warren B Smith, a former New-Age believer turned Christian, wrote the following:

Dr. Oz’s New Age affinity for psychics, spirit guides, past lives, and contacting the dead was showcased on his March 15, 2011 program—just two months after the launch of the Daniel Plan—titled, “Psychic Mediums: Are they the New Therapists?” The promo on his website read: “Can talking to lost loved ones heal your grief? Hear why psychic John Edward believes you can talk to the dead.

This is in reference to the occult practices Oz has platformed on his show, including mediums—a sin demanding immediate death under the Law of Moses. Smith wrote his book critiquing the employment of New Age practices within Christian circles.

Additionally, in 2017 Christian Post published a fluff piece promoting his “Faithful Fridays” segments where he discusses the benefits of certain Christian principles and practices but is not a Christian himself. This segment is also used to promote dubious faith healers and miraculous recoveries while platforming celebrities in Big Eva like Priscilla Shirer, DeVon Franklin (Mike Todd’s moviemaker), and Carl Lentz. Nothing like Faithful Fridays to pair well with occult mediums and other scammers Dr. Oz shills to his carnal audience.

Oz Runs For Pennsylvania Senate

Like many candidates on the campaign trail, Oz contends that he is pro-life, but is really pro-life with exceptions, which are not biblical as incest and rape are not valid excuses. Theoretically, this would match the stance of Donald Trump whose policies and judges were more pro-life than their originator, except on the jabs. Yet in a 2019 interview with the liberal Breakfast Club (timestamp provided), he condemned abortion restrictions being passed at the time by Alabama. During this interview, he articulates that the heart is not beating at 6 weeks. He even discusses his experience with alleged coat-hanger abortions, concluding that while he detests abortion personally, he “doesn’t want to interfere” with the women who engage in it. He contends the undefinable “viability outside the womb” as his red line on abortion. Remember, even a newborn is unviable outside the womb as it would die without the mother. In short, he is a liar on the life issue.

As the issue of transgenderism creeps through our culture, Oz is on record condemning so-called “conversion therapy” and favoring the transgendering of children. On his blog, Oz wrote that “Encouraging self-acceptance is the only way to help alleviate the shame experienced by those who are struggling with their sexuality – and help them reach a place where who they are matches who they want to be.” He also platformed abusive parents who transgendered their son on his show in 2010, receiving praise from the Groomer activists GLAAD.

The Trump Factor

Needless to say, Donald Trump’s endorsements are a mixed bag. Oftentimes, Trump endorses frontrunners like Greg Abbott, those who are groomed for office runs, like Bo Hines and Max Miller, or those who closely support him, especially on the 2020 election. Other factors include celebrities, like Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz, who both worked on the “President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition” during Trump’s administration. The primary reason Trump endorsed Dr. Oz is because the two of them are alike. Both men are socially liberal television personalities who shifted into politics. Both men were on the fringes of celebrity culture and have an aptitude for slapping their name on places or products. Whereas Trump is transactional, Oz appears fixated in his worldly beliefs and would represent the people of Pennsylvania as the New Age quack, celebrity doctor that he is.

On Covid, Dr. Oz was early to recommend the use of Hydroxychloroquine as curative for Covid at the same time Trump preemptively took it. Like Trump, Oz would backpedal on Hydroxychloroquine during the early pandemic. The left already considers Oz a novelty and a quack doctor, so Trump’s infatuation with Oz was costly when there were credible doctors promoting this drug. Hundreds of thousands died because the Trump Administration favored ineffective jabs over early treatments that his administration identified as curative in March of 2020. Never Forget. Oz is also vaccinated, shilling for the vaccines and Covid pills on Hannity in December of 2021, at a time there was ample evidence the jabs were neither safe nor effective.

It is politically surprising that Trump would endorse a candidate who is second in the RCP polling. However, Oz represents a danger for voters both politically and within the church. He should be rejected by voters in the primary. Should he win, voters should reject him at the ballot box in the general election. It is better to lose than to support the wrong candidate.

David McCormick: Globalist Liberal

Candidate David McCormick leads the RCP average in every listed poll for this primary with exception to an early Trafalgar Group poll. David McCormick previously served in the Bush Administration as the Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs and was CEO of the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. Bridgewater has been described as a hyper-aggressive, cut-throat environment akin to Axe Capital on the show Billions. On paper, he has a career in the military, government, and the private sector, so his resume seems well built. From an endorsement standpoint, McCormick has drawn the support of Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, and Mike Huckabee.

Politically, McCormick is a RINO and would serve as one in the US Senate. During the 2016 cycle, he donated to Jeb Bush’s campaign. Moreover, he is pro-gay marriage, signing an amicus brief for the Obergefell decision, and his business background makes credible claims that he would be weak at confronting globalism. Nevertheless, he panders quite well airing Super Bowl commercials condemning the Afghan pullout from a war his former boss initiated.

After divorcing his wife, with whom he fathered four children, McCormick married Dina Powell, a Bush and Trump administration advisor who worked for Goldman Sachs. Powell is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders. Surprisingly, her connections and working history with Jared Kushner failed to land McCormick Trump’s endorsement. Vetting the wives is very important as they share 50% of the power, but 100% of something else. Furthermore, it can be reasoned that McCormick is little more than a carpetbagger as he was previously a resident of Connecticut.

While Oz is a dangerous quack, McCormick is a globalist shill.

Other Alternatives

It would be remiss if we discuss this race without suggesting a viable alternative to these abysmal candidates. For this research, we will check the three trailing alternatives, as we have done in other state primaries.

Carla Sands, former Vintage Capital Group CEO and Ambassador to Denmark, has also mounted a campaign for the open senate seat. Sands is more conservative than Oz and McCormick and seemingly truth-pilled on Covid. In April of 2020, Sands tweeted out an article by Robert F. Kennedy on the vaccine agenda. Not a stranger to money, Sands sold her Bel Air mansion for $19.5 million, likely as a means to carpetbag to Pennsylvania—sorry, to return to her roots. She would be the Bel Air Princess. Sands is more conservative, but her carpetbagging political ambitions might not resonate with Pennsylvanian voters. Most of her name recognition is a result of her self-funded campaign efforts.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Jeff Bartos, former candidate for LT Governor and businessman has also thrown his name into the race. He appears to be the most organic and grassroots person in this race. Bartos prides himself as having supported businesses during the early days of Covid and lockdowns, raising money for struggling businesses. When the jabs came around, Bartos proceeded to be a shill for Operation Warp Speed, believing the mandates undermine the effectiveness of the jab rollout. In a state where the grassroots fought back successfully against Governor Wolf’s tyranny through ballot measures that curbed emergency powers, this should be a key selling point, but it does not appear to be an effort Bartos led. Otherwise, this campaign should be a victory tour, but he was unlikely near the forefront of these efforts—otherwise he would boast about it.

The last major candidate is Kathy Barnette, a political commentator on Fox News who is a black, female conservative. This has garnered her the endorsements of Rep. Burgess Owens and Michael Flynn. More importantly, she is endorsed by gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. Barnette is prolife and unapologetically MAGA after previously questioning Trump’s character in 2016. Barnette lost her congressional bid in 2020 by a 20-point margin in a heavily democrat district. Her ability to win comes into question, as she has never won elected office before. Nevertheless, compared to the other candidates, she was the most proactive in the fight against Pennsylvania’s voter fraud, to which she has undertaken media fire. Moreover, she is probably the most conservative candidate in this race. If voters are looking for someone who will unapologetically represent their voices and be vocal on the issues of substance, Barnette is the strongest in the field.

If I were to rank these three trailing opponents, Barnette would be my first choice as she is most conservative and is a native to Pennsylvania. Carla Sands represents the second-best alternative as she is more likely to be in tuned with the base than Bartos. Then comes Bartos, who despite being third in these rankings is still a superior option to Oz and McCormick.


Dr. Oz represents an active threat who has infiltrated the church more than a pagan shaman quack ever should have. After years of flirting between politics, medicine, and religion, his recruitment for the US Senate is a product of celebrity culture on the right which must be outright rejected. Trump’s endorsement of Oz represents yet another terrible choice for Donald Trump, but unsurprising given their commonalities. Thus far, Trump’s base has been willing to challenge him on his vaccine sponsorship, as that is a losing issue between Trump and his base, and a disqualifying issue for others on the right.

Given McCormick’s lead on the polls, I doubt Trump’s endorsement will sway voters into Oz’s camp. However, the more that becomes known of David McCormick, the more he appears to be a globalist failure and a definite disappointment for Pennsylvanian voters. In other words, McCormick might lose his lead not due to Trump but because of his own record.

Primary elections matter more than the general elections. America would be better served if the democrats win Pennsylvania should Dr. Oz or David McCormick be on the ballot in November. Consider Georgia, where the democrats took the senate majority in face of two RINO’s. Ever since, the senate majority has been a bane to the democrats and their legislative agenda, which has unfortunately been saved by RINO’s. Let us hope the grassroots steps up and platforms one of these better alternative candidates before May 17th. Preferably, Kathy Barnette, who is my formal recommendation for my friends north of the Mason-Dixon.

This article is part of an ongoing series on primary elections in which we review candidates in various primary elections, focusing on gubernatorial and congressional candidates. Even for states one is not resident to, it is insightful to know who the rising stars in conservatism are and what their background is. Moreover, it is useful for spotting fakes.

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