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Watch The Water

Watch The Water: A Qanon Spinoff

As the acceptable science moves towards accepting that which was true 2 years ago that people like myself and smarter men like Drs. Scott Atlas, Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Meryl Nass and others. A relatively little known figure in the fight against Branch Covidianism from a medical background is apparently Dr. Bryan Ardis, a chiropractor who warned about Remdesivir after his father-in-law died after taking it. In conjunction with Stew Peter’s, a talk show host who is popular on Gab, they produced a documentary titled, Watch The Water.

The documentary has come out to no medical acclaim from those who fought Branch Covidianism. The theories posited by Dr. Ardis have largely been rejected by the leading voices against Branch Covidianism.

Dr. Merry Nass wrote an article titled, “‘Watch the Water’ with a Grain of Salt. Because snake venom is not the problem” explaining succinctly the errant claims the documentary makes. Meanwhile, Pierre Kory wrote a lengthy overkill against the documentary titled, “Snake Venom and COVID-19.” Kory summarizes Ardis’s claims as such:

The problem is that Dr. Ardis went on some highly watched podcasts this week espousing novel (and I assume untested amongst his colleagues, yikes) theories that COVID is equivalent to snake venom and that remdesivir is actually snake venom plus a bunch of stuff about snake venom, er, I mean COVID, being released in water sources (this latter part I will just ignore as I don’t think that Dr. Ardis meant that as being the most important part of his theories – see how gracious I am?).

What Is Possibly True

Pierre Kory tries to be charitable despite the erroneous claims.

Now, lets transition to the main theory he espouses, that SARS-CoV2 largely acts as a snake venom and that remdesivir is also made from snake venom. As to the first part of this theory, there is a bit of truth there because there is indeed a short sequence of RNA coding for amino acids that make up a part of the receptor binding domain (RBD) portion of the spike protein that is identical to snake venom. Problem with calling COVID-19 snake venom: this ptotein sequence is just a small part of one protein of the 29 made by SARS-CoV2 when it replicates. This does NOT mean the virus came from a snake but it does have a little snake venom protein in it. Why it is in there who knows, I suppose I can ask Fauci or Baric or Daszak or the Chinese Military the next time I run into one of them. Starting from here though, I am getting worried about where this is going.

It is true however, and important to recognize, that this part of the spike protein RBD may potentially make it antagonize nicotinic receptors, a pathophysiologic mechanism which is one of many exhibited by snake venom. This mechanism does indeed cause macrophage activation and cytokine storms via the antagonism of nicotinic receptors. Although we all know that the ACE-2 receptor is how the virus enters and replicates, it is possible that the nicotinic acid receptor antagonism could indeed play a role in making people so ill. So, it has some snake venom like properties and suggests nicotine and other nicotinic acid agonists may have a therapeutic role. May have one. But that is as far as the science will get you. Problem is that the spike also has sequences which encode proteins identical to staphylococcus toxin so the following theory could equally apply to someone claiming “they” are sickening us with staph. But he goes way beyond the nicotinic receptor hypothesis and on to very strange places

In more layman’s terms, part of the gain of function inserted a particular snake venom protein to enhance the viral capabilities. Kory posits that the function of this protein could have been to induce Cytokine Storm (when the body’s immune system response kills the person). But the documentary does not stop there, by a longshot.

Where it Quickly Derails

Nass writes on the snake venom claim:

Dr. Ardis mentions paralysis of the diaphragm.  COVID doesn’t do this.  Snake venom, when enough is injected, causes you to die a quick death.  COVID doesn’t do that. In COVID, you die from the damage from spike to blood vessels, and by the excessive activation of the immune system in the wake of the viral infection [Cytokine Storm].  It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to die from COVID.  You can die quicker from COVID vaccines, or it can take longer, depending on the specific injury.

Perhaps where the documentary goes wrong is where he equates COVID to a snake bite. Kory writes:

He then states that we need to treat every COVID patient as if they were suffering from a snake bite which may be the least unsound proclamation because, as above, there may be a role in using nicotinic acid agonists. But literally claiming that COVID-19 illness is identical to what happens to snake bite victims shows he has never taken care of either.

Nass would say this about Ardis’s experience.

Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor.  Because chiropractors may not prescribe medications, they have received no training in pharmacology (drugs and vaccines).

This is probably the biggest fact undermining the medical case that Ardis is making. He has no clinical experience treating COVID or snake bites. Therefore many of his claims are midwit level researching of symptoms and stretching conclusions beyond what is factually present. This article would be too long to detail all of the fallacies and false claims.

QANON Territory

Ardis goes into making claims about word association and cryptography, which is a major trait of the oh so cryptic Q.

He then cites another paper studying snake venom genetic sequences and that it was published in 2005, which he says was the “same year” as SARSCoV1 despite the fact SARS1 was in… 2003. He then says that gave “them” 15 years to plan/make this virus.. without evidence tying those researchers to anything.

Stew Peters appears to have risen to greater prominence after Qanon, thus avoiding the loss of credibility of supporting a movement I have denounced since 2017-2018. But Qanon has taken on numerous forms. After Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, Qanon morphed from Hillary Clinton and seal indictments to child sex trafficking rings in high seats of power, echoing the more credible Pizzagate conspiracy. This was of course after Qanon insisted that Jeff Sessions was serving “the cause” as Attorney General.

Watch The Water appears to represent the next spinoff of Qanon. If not directly connected to the cult itself, many of the cult followers of Qanon have glommed onto Watch the Water.

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