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Pennsylvania Primaries: Mastriano vs. Barletta, Dellicker vs. Scheller; Ted Bognet

Previously we discussed the Pennsylvania senate race, which recaps the reasons that Christians and conservatives should reject Dr. Oz as well as the quack doctor’s previous infiltration into Big Eva and his recent endorsement from Donald Trump. Pennsylvania is an important state with a republican majority legislature which has fought harder for its people than most in redder states. Having the right governor in a state with the fifth largest city in America would be a major victory.

Voters can recall how Governor Wolf tyrannically enforced covid restrictions and had to be curbed by voters in 2021. Moreover, Governor Wolf was amongst the governors who trapped covid patients in nursing homes, thus murdering the elderly, just like Cuomo and Witmer. While Wolf is term-limited out, the tyranny and depravity he, and any generic democrat, would impose is all the same.


Leading in the RealClearPolitics average is former congressman Lou Barletta. Throughout his political career, Barletta has been against mass, illegal immigration, sponsoring bills in Congress and opposing any immigration reform—really amnesty—which negatively harms Americans. On this issue, he is solid to where CNN has done hit pieces for him doing interviews with extremist and associating with other anti-immigration outlets, though they do not report what Barletta actually said. Guilt by association. Aside from that, Barletta was not averse to spending money as a congressman but was a generally rank and file republican. While he would appear to be a good governor on paper, the question is whether he would be the best candidate for the job. His age might be a factor, as he is 66 and he is a career politician. Moreover, he was the senate candidate in 2018, and while that was an unfavorable cycle for republicans, he failed to win, even in republican congressional districts. This was a statewide election in which he lost. One matter I found troubling is his use of feminine pronouns in regards to Richard Levine, which he did in early 2021 via Twitter. It is the little things that matter in ranking candidates, especially when most Pennsylvanian candidates pander on election fraud, covid, and CRT related issues.

Polling second is former veteran and current state senator Doug Mastriano. Mastriano’s campaign lies on the premise that the people have been “Shut Down, Locked Out, and Unheard,” which resonates well with a base that is disaffected with the political process. Mastriano has been on the front lines confronting voter fraud, even being present at Trump’s infamous January 6 rally. Formerly, I mentioned that Mastriano endorsed Kathy Barnette, my preferred choice for the US senate from Pennsylvania. On most of the salient issues, Mastriano is on a different level—a more based level. He was early to take up the covid fight, appearing at an anti-lockdown protest in April of 2020. Mastriano has publicly questioned the efficacy of the jabs and called and for ivermectin’s use against Covid. America does not need “pro-jab, anti-mandate” politicians, but rather those who are against dangerous clot shots for all. Mastriano is the populist, anti-establishment candidate conservatives need and is the most conservative horse in this race.

Polling in third is Dave White, a former union steamfitter. For the most part, White runs a typical blue-collar conservative platform, touting his business experience and how he wants to improve the state’s business environment. He has a special needs son, and perhaps a good story, but these are not indicators of how he would be as a politician. On cultural issues, White comes across as milquetoast and weak, especially compared to his competitors.

The last candidate is former US attorney Bill McSwain. Recently, Trump issued a scathing anti-endorsement of McSwain for his lack of investigation into Pennsylvania’s voter fraud. McSwain boasts himself as tough on crime, which is the traditional playbook prosecutors use for transitioning to political office. Unfortunately, like Dave White, he is weaker than the other two on covid and cultural issues. Working in his corner is Pennsylvania billionaire and Wall Street financier Jeffrey Yass, whose Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneur has over $20 million to spend on this cycle. While Pennsylvania does not have individual contribution limits, having a billionaire sugar daddy does not buy elections. Thus, he is polling fourth.


Politics is a mission field, not an idol. That means we do not vote the Magic R under the false guise that the republican party will “save America.” So when politicians as egregious as Brian Fitzpatrick occupy this seat, which is an even swing district, they should be rejected by voters. As a reminder, Fitzpatrick was one of the traitors who saved “Biden’s Build Back Better” in the house, has demonstrated support for the Equality Act, and voted for a national vaccine database (HR 550). Furthermore, his 32% Liberty Score goes beyond his fiscally liberal voting record but includes votes anti-gun votes on “background checks,” amnesty for illegals, and government funded sex-changes for the military. Unfortunately, his spending policies have garnered him millions in a war chest, far exceeding his Democrat opponents. Should a heavy underdog like Alex Etin fail to dismount him in on May 17, voters should reject Fitzpatrick in November.


Under the new map, the 7th District, which also occupies Eastern Pennsylvania, is now a +4 Republican district, making the removal of Representative Susan Wild a statistical likelihood. This is an easy flip, yet only two candidates are running.

Lisa Scheller, blue-collar businesswoman and former Lehigh County Commissioner is running on a platform of combatting the Green New Deal. As a commissioner, Scheller boasts of lowering taxes. In 2020, she lost to Wild for this same seat and promoted the Covid narrative early on. Her campaign is centered around defeating Rep. Wild to save the American Dream. She accepted and promoted her endorsement from the Log Cabin Republicans, who are pro-homo. As a reminder, fiscal liberalism correlates with socially liberal beliefs. She could very well be a female Fitzpatrick and will be a disappointment in the House of Representatives. She is the favorite going into this primary.

Kevin Dellicker is the evangelical small business owner and anti-establishment candidate in this race. Whereas Scheller is the establishment’s choice, Dellicker is not. Dellicker has campaigned hard against Scheller, establishing to bring to light Scheller’s connections with China and her previous opposition to Trump’s tariffs. Both will claim to be prolife, but only Dellicker opposes the rape/incest exceptions and would support a ban on abortion pills. Dellicker is the grassroots and clearly the best candidate in this race, but unfortunately he is the underdog.


Under the new map, the eighth district is now +8 Republican. This means deposing Rep. Cartwright should be an easy flip for Republicans going into the cycle. Previously, Ted Bognet ran in 2020, losing to the incumbent but with a new map, he has once again thrown his name into the ring. Bognet served under the Trump administration as the Senior VP at the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), which is occasionally a political football due to the big business interests surrounding the bank. This administration experience is likely why Rick Grenell endorsed him for Congress. It serves as a strong indicator that he could be a globalist or a corporate whore. The EXIM Bank has notorious connections with large exporters like Boeing and has issued politically motivated, federally guaranteed loans in the past, like Solyndra—the bankrupted solar panel manufacturer. In 2020, Bognet piggybacked off much of Trump’s covid policies in his campaign, to which he is still touting the success of Operation Warp Speed as of January this year. Overall, Bognet is the only choice voters have for this seat.


Due to redistricting, Congressmen Fred Keller and Daniel Meuser are battling one another to retain their cushy position. Neither is really outstanding in their performance and have gone along with the narratives on Covid and now Ukraine. Neither are Freedom Caucus members, nor have they spoken out on the mistreatment January 6 political prisoners. The biggest difference I find is their Liberty Scores, where Keller is an 81% while Meuser is a pitiful 69%. It might as well be a flip of the coin, but whoever wins is guaranteed victory in this heavy republican district.


Incumbent Conor Lamb is seeking the US senate, vacating his seat which is in a dead even district. It should be noted the disappointing effort on part of the candidates in terms of fundraising and their late entries into this race. While this is because of candidate withdrawals, it remains a huge benefit to the democrats, of whom one is Rainbow Jihad activist Sean Meloy.

Branding himself as a constitutional conservative, Jason Killmeyer, a supposed national security expert, who only announced his candidacy in March, likely seeing a void in the field. Killmeyer’s expertise includes warmongering over Ukraine and ignorance over the 2014 coup. In reality, he is little more than a writer at Townhall. On Covid, he wrote in April of 2020 over the Wuhan origins and the infringement on rights, but his articles are fairly safe takes for the most part. He would probably be better than most of the Republican congressmen in Pennsylvania, but that does not mean much.

Then there is Kathy Coder, a former primary candidate for LT Governor in 2018 who is seeking this open seat. While Killmeyer likely has more national name recognition, the locals probably know Coder better, as she finished second in the 2018 primary with 21% of the vote. Additionally, she was the losing candidate for the PA house in 2012. She has ran campaigns before, so this experience might transfer to an easy victory in a primary race where the candidates were late in filing and seemingly underfunded.

The last candidate in this race is Jeremy Schaffer, former Ross Township Commissioner who boasts local endorsements including Congressman Glenn Thompson. Like Coder, he has been active in the local political scene and seems to have more localized support. Schaffer was first to enter this race, and likewise, has never won political office. He has served as an elder/decon at his local church. He might be the best candidate in this race, but neither of the three appear to have the infrastructure as of yet to mount a formidable campaign, and the democrats in this race are well positioned to retain this seat.


This is a democrat leaning district and is unlikely to be flipped, but given the nature of the 17th district, I thought it relevant to shine a spotlight on Steve Fanelli, who is mounting a campaign against incumbent Chrissy Houlahan. It remains a longshot but having money and a ground game is what it takes to overcome the odds.


What happens in Pennsylvania matters for all Americans. It was the one of the states which flipped for Trump and one of the states that needed fraud to initiate the Biden Regime, as Virginia was out of the question for Trump. Fortunately, the grassroots have been strong, organizing against Governor Wolf, yet at the same time, the candidates before republican voters represent all swaths of the right, from absolute RINO’s and open liberals like Oz, McCormick, and Fitzpatrick, to based conservatives like Mastriano and Barnette, with everything in between. Republican voters are just as low information as democrats. Plenty will hear the political pandering and believe this candidate, news organization, or incumbent politician is on their side, ignorant of what they actually are doing on a daily basis. Stay vigilant.

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