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Covid Jab Victims Remain Uncompensated For Death and Injuries. Time To Make Big Pharma Liable.

With the multitude of injuries relating to the Covid jabs, the understanding that there is a system of remedy for these victims needs reevaluating. After over a year of one of the deadly failures in human history, Operation Warp Speed, the victims and their families of the jab injuries and death have been left behind. Though it was not unsurprising that the shots with experimental technology would be higher risk, the degree in which the MRNA jabs were is unprecedented. Additionally, the efficacy leaves much to be desired.

So what exactly is the process for victims of the jab? When a public health emergency is declared, the claims of injury or death are handled by the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). This is because of the 2005 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act which gave Big Pharma ample protections and contributed to where we are today. Outside of that, vaccine injured would go through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

So what are the differences between these two alphabet soup agencies? According to Dr. Robert Malone, there are some glaring differences:

The CICP payouts are limited to only the most serious injuries and death. The claims have to be made within a year after vaccination, and the program has a much higher burden of proof than the VICP. Loss of income under the CICP is limited to $50 000 a year, and no compensation is included for pain or emotional distress (or for attorney fees). Under the traditional vaccine injury program, payouts for lost wages are not capped, and compensation for pain and suffering is much higher.

Of concern is that the filing of a case must be completed within a year, but there is at least one person who has documented the electronic filing of her case, only to find on follow up, that the CICP had no record of her case. Concerns arise that such dropped cases will then be unable to be refiled, due to the time limits for filing. The backlog of cases now appears so large, the processes so opaque, that the CICP system seems irrevocably broken

The British Medical Journal published an article citing that “Since 1988 compensation has been awarded in 36% of the 24 909 claims filed under the VICP, with around $4.7bn paid out. In contrast, compensation has been awarded for just 0.4% of the 7547 claims filed under the CICP, with around $6m paid out.” To date no Covid jab victims have been compensated. To make matters worse, the compensation may only be as low as $30.

Dr. Malone explains just how victims are set up to lose:

Furthermore, the CICP program resolves claims through an administrative process, not a judicial one (unlike the VICP). In order for a claim to be won through the CICP program, the legal burden of proof has to be BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. That is a virtually unattainable demand. Particularly for an experimental vaccine for which the adverse events are not completely known and for which the government has stymied research efforts to determine just what those adverse events are. The CDC has also hidden the large portions of the data it is collecting for these vaccines. This means that the administrators judicating the injury claims would also not have the information that the CDC knows on the adverse events from these vaccines, making it virtually impossible to win many of the CICP vaccine injury cases.

The system is clearly set up so that victims cannot win, especially with Covid jabs. This is unfortunate news for many.

It’s clear that the current system for vaccine injury benefits Big Pharma. However, what is coming to light is just how incompetent and unwilling the government is, to compensating victims, and the insane hoops they have to jump through.

Unfortunately, reforms to CICP are unlikely to be supported by Democrats and need to be reformed with retroactive special filing periods for jab victims.

But a longer term solution is to make Big Pharma liable for vaccine injuries. The way these companies have behaved more than warrants this permanent loss in liability protection. Moreover, I would support a constitutional amendment to allow them to be punished ex post facto for their disservice to humanity. It’s undeniable that the current system is meant to screw the people. Therefore, we need to get the government out of it.

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