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Karen Swallow Prior

Karen Swallow Prior Breaks Silence Over Karengate. SBC Voices Exposed!

After Evangelical Dark Web published it’s article exposing Karen Swallow Prior being at the center of a conspiracy to blackmail Tom Buck, Protestia published their article which included a recording made by Tom Buck of a phone call in which he catches Todd Benkert and Jay Adkins in multiple lies. Both Todd Benkert and Jay Adkins are part of SBC Voices, a very liberal Southern Baptist blog. The recording, though acquired by Protestia, was not given to them by Tom Buck.

In the eleven minute recording Tom Buck basically cross-examines both Todd Benkert and Jay Adkins because Todd Benkert told Jay Adkins something irreconcilable to what he told Jay Adkins. Despite this, Jay Adkins maintains that a source can be anonymous and known to not have animosity towards Tom Buck. Additionally, we are supposed to believe that Todd Benkert deleted an email he received containing Jennifer Buck’s rough draft after reading one paragraph and after asking for the sender to send it.

Dave Miller is one of the main writers at SBC Voices and he took to Twitter to defend Karen Swallow Prior. 

Breaking her silence, Karen Swallow Prior thanked Dave Miller for defending her reputation while she remained reticent on an otherwise talkative social media. This isn’t the usual simp culture when it comes to white-knighting for female wolves. These are people involved with covering up blackmail defending the reputation of someone else involved in the same plot. 

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